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Existing tests to be used for FDS


Healthcheck tests
Smoke tests
  • Tempest smoke, refstack defcore - will probably be combined in some fashion
  • Rally
  • ODL robot tests
    • API tests
    • Sec group tests
  • vping tests and snaps; snaps will probably replace vping tests
Feature tests
  • Domino
  • Any other tests that will become standard for all scenarios in Euphrates down the line


Standard suite of tests


Euphrates debut

FDS specific tests to be added to Functest

Stack integrity
  • Data across FDS specific components, which are ODL GBP, ODL VBD, ODL LISP, Honeycomb and VPP
  • The suite will contain tests that creates Openstack resources which are supported in ODL/HC/VPP and check contents of datastores/VPP configuration across the stack
Distributed virtual routing (DVR) specific tests
  • Test that all L3 routing and NATting is done on the node where tested VM resides. Check that the traffic is not sent to other routing nodes. Check that the traffic returns only to the node from which it originated.
  • Tenant traffic for two vms on the same node doesn't leave the node
    • Cross-tenant, not cross-tenant, same network, different networks
  • Possible other tests?
ODL Split-rejoin test
  • Verify functionality of ODL in case that some node becomes unreachable
ODL Stress test
  • Create 20 000 networks and ports and check that they've actually been created

ODL specific tests to be possibly added to Functest

ODL test
  • Extend API tests to check data in ODL Neutron Northbound are created/deleted correctly. It's very likely that some tests for this already exist

Other possible additions to Functest

Extended networking tests
  • Test for VPP dynamic NAT. Create a vm without floating ip and execute script which tries to reach an external ip
  • Cross-tenant traffic. A test for this should already exist in Tempest, we need to enable/integrate it
  • NAT for same internal ips in different projects
  • Hairpinning, tests ping from vm to another vm's floating ip
Security group testing
  • Extend the existing basic tests with more combinations of security group configuration
    • ip prefix configured/not configured
    • remote group configured/not configured
    • protocol configured/not configured/try different protocol
    • port ranges
    • direction (rule exists for one direction but not the other)
    • and sensible combinations of the above
Metacloud test suite
  • Description TBD


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