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Project “FastDataStacks” creates and composes a set of scenarios which include the virtual forwarder supplied by the FD.IO project. The project also provides required enhancements to individual components such as SDN controllers or installers to allow for the scenario composition.

Project references

FastDataStacks participation in OPNFV releases

Architecture references

FastDataStacks Whitepaper


Key project facts

Project: FastDataStacks
Project Creation Date: March 29, 2016 
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Frank Brockners
Project Lead: Frank Brockners
Jira Project Name: FastDataStacks 
Jira Project Prefix: FDS 
Mailing list tag: [FDS]
IRC: Channel: #opnfv-fds
Repository: fds 

    Frank Brockners (
    Wojciech Dec (
    Juraj Linkes (
    Viliam Luc (
    Tim Rozet (
    Dan Radez (
    Ashlee Young (

Link to TSC approval of the project:,2016 
Link(s) to approval of additional committers: n/a


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