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FastDataStacks - Release plan for Colorado


For the list of task and scenarios FDS takes on for Colorado see: FastDataStacks Work Areas (incl. dependencies to upstream projects).
See also FDS in JIRA:



DRAFT - needs to be reconfirmed (finalized schedule expected approx. end of April)




Apr 25, 2016

Scenario definition complete

FDS scenarios for Colorado release fully defined

Jun 30, 2016

Feature complete

All features required by FDS are code complete. Unit tests are successful.
For features and upstream references see: FastDataStacks Work Areas#Workareas 

Jun 30, 2016

Installation ready

Features and components for FDS can be deployed by APEX installer.

Jul 18, 2016

Test ready

Test infra and Test cases for system level testing of features available and code complete for FDS scenario.

Aug 29, 2016

Integration ready

Combination of components in scenarios work “as designed” for FDS.

Sept 19, 2016

Release ready

Test runs complete, documentation ready etc.
(Assumes that OPNFV releases with released version of ODL Boron. In case pre-release versions of Boron are used FDS could be release ready end of August). 

Key artefacts

  • Openstack: Mitaka release
  • Opendaylight: Boron release (if required, pre-release versions of Boron)
  • FD.IO/OpenVPP: Latest
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