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FDS - FastDataStacks

  • Proposed name for the project: FastDataStacks
  • Proposed name for the repository: fds

Project description

Project “FastDataStacks” creates and composes a set of scenarios which include the virtual forwarder supplied by the project. The project also provides required enhancements to individual components such as SDN controllers or installers to allow for the scenario composition.


FastDataStacks focuses on scenarios which include supplied components. This includes scenarios with SDN-controllers like e.g. OpenDaylight, as well as scenarios without a dedicated SDN controller (e.g. direct integration of OpenStack and using a Neutron ML2 driver for Initially FastDataStacks focused on a scenario using OpenStack, OpenDaylight, and The picture below shows the key components involved in this particular scenario. The project also includes installation and test procedures of this scenario.

Key work items include:

  • Create an ODL VPP/Netconf renderer for OpenDaylight GBP (Group based policy) for L2/L3 (v4/v6) to interface with OpenVPP.
  • Enhancements to ODL Neutron to allow for seamless integration with OpenVPP.
  • Enhancements to OpenStack ODL driver to allow for seamless integration with OpenVPP (e.g. support for vhost-user with non OVS switches, support for more reliable synchronization); Results of the OPNFV NetReady project are leveraged.
  • Testing (provide for Functest, Yardstick, etc. tests, consider tests which evaluate specific functionality of the data-path like encapsulation/decapsulation, address translation, etc.).
  • Integration into installers.
  • Added support for storage endpoints.


Committers and Contributors

  • Project Lead: Frank Brockners
  • Committers
    • Frank Brockners (
    • Wojciech Dec (
    • Juraj Linkes (
    • Viliam Luc -X (
    • Tim Rozet (
    • Dan Radez (
    • Ashlee Young (
  • Contributors
    • Trevor Cooper (
    • Brian J Skerry (
    • Isaku Yamahata (
    • Keith Burns (
    • Martin Sunal -X (

Planned deliverables

Project deliverables:

  • Scenarios using infrastructure: Composition, automated deployment, automated testing

Proposed Release Schedule

The project initial deliverable is expected to be available in time for the OPNFV “Colorado” release.

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