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Demo Video


DEMO Architecture


The demo will be “full stack performance” focused (i.e. show VPP performance in an OpenStack/ODL deployment as opposed to in a dedicated setup). We’ll use "nfvbench" (on separate TRex node) to carry out the benchmarking, which is a tool for "full stack" testing of OpenStack deployments focused on stack forwarding performance. This way we'll be able to showcase the full-stack performance of an FDS stack as compared to a standard OpenStack deployment (with OVS). FDS performance will be shown in the live demo, whereas data from the standard stack will be available offline as reference data for comparison. Traffic flow will be PVP (physical - virtual - physical) using a 2 compute node deployment as shown on the scheme:

Performance testing - GUI guide:

The GUI for performance testing is available via

The GUI is split to two parts. The left side contains view for live captured data from performance testing. On the right side you can access offline data for various performance results (e.g. OVS PVP 64, VTS PVP 64 ...). These are used as comparison data to live data from the left side. Just pick appropriate offline data from the drop down menu on the top (right/grey side). Data will be loaded. You can navigate through the data by using the scrollbar on the bottom under the graph. On the graph you can also see the PDR (red colored bars) and NDR (orange colored bars) values.

To capture Live data first the traffic profile must be selected from the drop down menu on top of the left/white side. Next you can specify if you need a continuous run or just single run. If continuous run is preferred just check the checkbox next to the drop down menu. For single run leave the checkbox unchecked. Finally you can press the RUN button, which will start the test. It may take 10 - 20 seconds before the data will arrive (it takes a while to setup the environment and start packet generator). After that you should see graph updating. The whole test is automated and PDR and NDR values are being computed during the test. Like in the static data the scrollbar can be used to navigate through the data. After the test finishes results are provided above the graph.

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