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The "Nirvana Stack" is a generic NFV solution stack which was proposed by ATT in 2016 and which consists of 4 key components: OpenStack, OpenDaylight, - all of which integrated into a solution stack in OPNFV.
Among the key objectives of this solution stack were enablement of rapid innovation, highly composable architectures, and flexible solution design.


Given the great similarities of the "Nirvana Stack" and FDS, the FDS team particpates in the "Nirvana Stack" effort. 


Presentations on Nirvana Stack:

NirvanaStack PoC

Nirvana Stack PoC

In an initial phase of the NirvanaStack PoC the team wanted to demonstrate a modular solution for network control in OpenDaylight which allowed for:

  • Flexible and single solution for network control in OpenDaylight
  • Flexible set of network services supported
  • Flexible set of network devices supported

As the initial service, the team implemented the L2/ELAN service. The solution was created as a combination of NetVirt (for service logic) and GroupBasedPolicy (for flexible service/policy rendering to different devices) in OpenDaylight. This resulted in an integrated solution of two components which were formerly competing with each other. For details on the integration see: "Realization of Nirvana Stack" (Srikanth Vavilapalliand, Frank Brockners:

Key patches for the PoC

PoC Meetings

PoC team members


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