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The directory of build/f_repos/patch/<sub-project>/ in fuel repository consists OPNFV patches (backports, custom fixes etc.), intended for upstream Fuel components (fuel-library, ... , fuel-web).

For detailed description how patches are handled please refer to README (


componentpatch namecomment
  Will be removed once oslo.messaging is updated to 5.11.0

Backport of os_workers fact from Ocata in order to limit the number of default workers configured for services

0003-Increase-tcp_retries2-value.patchWill be removed once is backported to stable/newton

opnfv custom patch to automatically inject overridden data:

  • pre/post bootstrap scripts
  • fuel menu setup in non-interactive mode
0002-xorriso-fails-to-add-files-with-path-longer-then-240.patchThe bug was marked as invalid
0003-repo-mirror-Allow-multi-arch-local-mirrors.patchCustom patch with support of multi-arch local mirrors
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