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This is the WIKI-page for the Fuel@OPNFV project which intends to integrate the OPNFV features with the Fuel stack installer/deployer. This project is member of the Genesis project.


  • Sep 27 - 2016, Since September 22, the Fuel "master" branch is open for "Danube" work while the "stable/colorado" branch is open for Colorado 2.0 work. Thus we have opened up master for Newton rebasing which may cause flux in master. Fixes aimed for "Colorado 2.0" or "Colorado 3.0" should - if applicable to "master" be submitted to "master" and cherry-picked to "stable/colorado", if the fix is no longer relevant to master the fix should directly be pushed to "stable/colorado" with - if relevant a proper uplift of the fix to "stable".
  • Sep 26 - 2016, OPNFV releases Colorado - See press release here
  • Sep 26 - 2016, Alexandru.Avadanii was voted in as a committer in Fuel@OPNFV - WELCOME Alexandru!
  • Sep 22 - 2016, Fuel@OPNFV have cut the final Colorado 1.0 release tag - we are proud to be able to demonstrate strong QA results from a large number of deployment scenarios, as well as multi architecture as a result from our close relationship with the ARMBand project. 
  • Sep 16 - 2016, Fedor Zhadaev was voted in as a committer in Fuel@OPNFV - WELCOME Fedor!
  • July 1 - Colorado Feature Freeze. Any feature not committed by this date, must get an exception from Colorado release manager.
  • June 17 - Fuel presence at the Berlin summit
  • April 28 - 2016, Brahmaputra Fuel@OPNFV 3.0 has been released, this concludes the development of the Brahmaputra branch.
  • April 28 - 2016, Gregory Elkinbard was voted in as a committer in Fuel@OPNFV - WELCOME Greg!
  • April 28 - 2016, Nikolas Hermanns was voted in as a committer in Fuel@OPNFV - WELCOME Nikolas!
  • April 12 - 2016, The Colorado release planning for Fuel@OPNFV has started, preliminary Work-package planning with dates exists, committed plan is expected to be announced  April 28.
  • April 9 - 2016, Gregory Elkinbard (Mirantis) has been nominated for the Fuel@OPNFV project lead, see
  • April 9 - 2016, Jonas is steping down as project lead for Fuel@OPNFV but intends to continue as project committer, project lead nominees should be at hand April 21 in the Etherpad for Fuel@OPNFV committer voting April 28.  
  • April 7 -2016, Nikolas Hermanns (Ericsson) has been nominated as committer for Fuel@OPNFV.
  • Since February 25 - 2016, Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra is released. The master branch is now open for C-release. The stable/brahmaputra branch is open for brahmaputra release 2 content. All Brahmaputra release 2 fixes must be cherry picked from master after they have been verified/relevant deployment scenario has been ran. The Brahmaputra release 2 status can be found here
  • Since February 5 - 2016, Fuel@OPNFV is at hard code-freeze. This means that all up-streams project repositories have been nailed down to specific commit-id's on stable/brahmaputra and that only hot-fixes are allowed into dtable/brahmaputra. All fixes must be cherry picked from master after they have been verified/relevant deployment scenario has been ran. The release status can be found here
  • Except for the Fuel master node, CENTOS will not be a supported OS option for the Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra release, Ubuntu 14.04 will be the only supported host OS option (this includes OpenStack-controllers, OpenStack-compute nodes, as well as any other OPNFV stack-plugin-roles)
  • Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra Work-package 1 concluded
  • Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra collaborative project integration content concluded

Community committers

  • Gregory Elkinbard ( - Committer - Project lead
  • Nikolas Hermanns ( - Committer
  • Jonas Bjurel ( - Committer
  • Stefan Berg ( - Committer
  • Daniel Smith ( - Committer
  • Michal Skalski ( - Committer
  • Guo Ruijing ( - Committer
  • Szilard Cserey ( - Committer
  • Fedor Zhadaev ( - Committer
  • Alexandru.Avadanii ( - Committer

Community contributors


More hands on this project are more than welcome! If you want to help, follow the instructions "How to participate and help-out" further down on this page.



Download the released image from here!

Brahmaputra R1.0 - RELEASED

Brahmaputra R3.0 - RELEASED

Colorado R1.0 - RELEASED

Colorado R2.0 - In progress

Colorado R3.0

Danube R1.0 - In progress

Related projects

Ongoing technical discussions (Etherpad):

Fuel@OPNFV forums and meetings

Mailing list receiver:; subject: [fuel]"topic"

  • IRC-channel: #opnfv-fuel
  • Wiki: This page - Fuel
  • Weekly meetings:
    • There is one weekly Fuel@OPNFV meeting on Thursdays @ 7am PST/3.00 PM CET Details here!
    • We also have casual meetings Tuesdays @ 7:30am PST/3.30 PM CET (no agenda/no meeting notes)
    • There is one weekly upstream meeting Thursdays @ 17.00 CET - Details here!

Upstream project dependencies

How to participate and help-out

Fuel@OPNFV Resources, Howto and FAQ

OPNFV Community tips & tricks

Community tips & tricks


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