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See dedicated page: Functest 0. Team



It was agreed during a Functest weekly meeting that, if possible, it is recommended

  • to organize a PTL election after every release
  • limit to 1 the number of  re-election (let the PTL take some rest after 2 releases...)

Such election will be useful to reflect Functest diversity, bring new ideas and energy.

Election would be open to any Functest committer (+2/-2) and organized during a weekly meeting.

An IRC vote will be used to formalize the results.

INFO file will be updated and TSC will be informed of the new Functest PTL.

The new PTL should have admin rights on jenkins/JIRA.

The PTL is in charge of the roadmap of the project, the animation of the team and the deliverables for the release.


it is recommended to organize at least 1 Meet-up to build the roadmap of the version N+1 after each release N

Coding rules

We try to follow the OpenStack guidelines:

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