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NOTE: This wiki is early draft and work in progress.

Genesis (+GENE+ral +S+ystem +I+nstall +S+ervices) aims at a common user experience for OPNFV. Genesis defines a common set of requirements for a set of deployment tools used to install OPNFV. An overview presentation on the goals of Genesis can be found here.

Working materials

Scenario Inventory

Genesis also maintains a scenario inventory and documents the dependencies for each scenario: Colorado scenario inventory and dependencies

Integration guides

HOWTO integrate your feature into a specific installer:


Tech discuss

Key Project Facts

Project Name: genesis
Repo name: genesisreq
Project Category: requirements
Lifecycle State:
Primary Contact: Frank Brockners
Project Lead: Frank Brockners
Jira Project Name: Genesis
Jira Project Prefix: [GENESIS]
mailing list tag [genesis]
Tim Rozet (
Jonas Bjurel (
Weidong Shao (
Artur Tyloch (
Frank Brockners (

Link to TSC approval:
Link to approval/removal of committers:
* Removal of Arnaud Morin:

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