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Neutron Patches

  1. Support for IPv6 RDNSS Option in Router Advts -
  2. Support MTU advertisement using IPv6 RAs -
  3. Add IPv6 Address Resolution protection -
  4. Support multiple IPv6 prefixes on internal router ports for an HA Router -
  5. Support BP:IPv6-router in Neutron HA Router -
  6. Fix protocol value for SG IPv6 RA rule -
  7. Allow to add router interface to IPv6 SLAAC network -
  8. Auto allocate gateway_ip even for SLAAC subnets -
  9. Fix neutron hang for IPv6 allocation pool update -
  10. Validate IPv6 subnet while associating to Router -
  11. Default route missing for IPv6 subnets in HA Router -
  12. Spawn RADVD only in the master HA router -
  13. Neutron to Drop Router Advts from VM ports -
  14. Add sanity_check for KeepAlived IPv6 support -
  15. Fix race condition by using lock on enable_radvd -
  16. Avoid dhcp_release for IPv6 addresses -
  17. IPv6 display suitable message when MTU is invalid on iface -
  18. Configure gw_iface for RAs only in Master HA Router -
  19. fullstack: test for IPv6 east-west traffic -
  20. fullstack: test for IPv6 north-south traffic -

Tempest Patches

  1. Improve IPv6 parity in Security Group testcases -
  2. Security Group ICMP validation for icmp-code -
  3. Fix dhcpv6-stateful tempest test to validate only valid use-case -
  4. Fix hardcoded gateway in IPv6 subnet api tests -
  5. Spec for IPv6 API testing parity in tempest -
  6. Add IPv6 API test cases for Neutron Subnet API -

DevStack Patches

  1. Add IPv6 support to devstack infrastructure -
  2. Set default value for IPv6 subnet attribute flag -
  3. Fix curl issue when SERVICE_HOST is defined to IPv6 address -
  4. Set local_ip only when TENANT_TUNNELS are enabled -

Nova Patches

  1. Fix noVNC console access for an IPv6 setup -

Misc/Other Patches

  1. Utility API to generate EUI-64 IPv6 address -
  2. Curl statements to include globoff for IPv6 URLs -


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