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We have been actively working with OpenStack Neutron and OpenDaylight IPv6 teams, reviewing the patches and participating in discussions related to IPv6 use-cases.

Some of the features we were involved in include:


  1. IPv6 IP Address Assignment use-cases like SLAAC, DHCPv6-stateless and DHCPv6-stateful.
  2. IPv6 Upstream provider network support.
  3. IPv6 support in Neutron L3 HA routers
  4. Prefix delegation use-cases
  5. IPv6 Security Group support


  1. IPv6 IP Address Assignment
  2. IPv6 East-west routing support
  3. IPv6 Security Group support
  4. Neighbor discovery support for Neutron router interfaces
  5. Netvirt Unit and Integration tests for various IPv6 use-cases


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