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C Release Planning

According to our roadmap, we have successfully accomplished our Phase 1 Work in Brahmaputra Release covering the design and implementation of IPv6 vRouter using service VM in native OpenStack environment and ODL-integrated environment.

In Phase 2, we are planning the following features for C Release:

  • IPv6-only infrastructure deployment by installers
  • IPv6 Gap Analysis with Official Components of OpenStack and ODL in C Release
    • JIRA IPVSIX-40 (Epic), which includes:
      • JIRA IPVSIX-41 (Story): OpenStack Mitaka Release (targeted on April 7, 2016)
      • JIRA IPVSIX-42 (Story): ODL Beryllium SR(???) (Boron Release target date Sept 08, 2016)
  • Documentation / Install Guide / User Guide

The following Features are postponed to D Release or later

Multisite IPv6

  • Multisite IPv6

    • JIRA IPVSIX-38 (Epic) which depends on IPVSIX-37PHAROS-170PHAROS-181PHAROS-124 and PHAROS-135
    • Areas of interest:
      1. At underlay level, multiple instances of OpenStack can be deployed at multisites, one at each site, and use IPv6 for normal Neutron Router

      2. Extend IPv6 vRouter Connectivity to External IPv6 Networks (North-South connectivity) and Deployed on Multisite Pharos Labs
        • At overlay level, the simplest case is that vRouter is deployed at multisites, each vRouter at each site, and connects to ext-net that has physical IPv6 router. Then vRouters at multisites can communicate with each other (North-South). Thus VM on each subnet can communicate with IPv6 packets via North-South connectivity.

        • Note: achievable if we have appropriate lab infrastructure. It depends on PHAROS-170PHAROS-181PHAROS-124 and PHAROS-135
    • Testing: YARDSTICK-249
    • Note: Infrastructure unavailable. postpone to D Release or later
  • At overlay level, what is role of L3VPN plays to connect those vRouters that connect to ext-net?
    • Note: It may need Tricircle. L2 networking across OpenStack instances (East-West) will not be available until Newton as the earliest, and L3 networking will be even later. This scenario needs to postpone to D Release or later
  • At overlay level, since those VMs in different subnets can communicate with IPv6 traffic, how does it affect SFC if L3VPN is used to construct SFC?
    • Note: postpone to D Release or later
  • Then there are HA related issues, including both multisite and standalone deployment.

    • Note: postpone to D Release or later

Service VM as IPv6 vRouter in ONOS-integrated environment

    • JIRA IPVSIX-39 (Epic)
    • Note: postpone to D Release or later

Service VM as IPv6 vRouter in OpenContrail-integrated environment

No resource available. Postponed to D Release or later


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