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E Release Planning

According to our roadmap, we have successfully accomplished our Phase 1 Work in Brahmaputra Release covering the design and implementation of IPv6 vRouter using service VM in native OpenStack environment and ODL-integrated environment.

We also successfully accomplished our Phase 2 work in Colorado Release, and Phase 3 work in Danube Release covering IPv6-only infrastructure deployment by Apex installers, and IPv6 gap analysis with OpenStack Mitaka (Colorado Release) and Newton (Danube Release), and ODL Boron in both Colorado and Danube Releases.

Now we are planning our Phase 4 work in Euphrates Release. The potential scope includes:

  • Underlay IPv6 (Epic IPVSIX-45)
    • Apex Improvement: IPv6 support in OVS VxLAN (and/or GRE) tunnel endpoints with OVS 2.6+
    • Compass Installer Support:
      • COMPASS-546
      • Deferred to F Release. But if Compass team can complete it in 5.2.0 or 5.3.0, everyone will be happier.
    • Underlay Testing for ODL API endpoints (For Future Release)
      • JIRA-46
      • ODL is not interested in underlay IPv6. Their current focus is on Inter data center, external connectivity using BGP VPN in ODL for tenant network (overlay) only.
      • This is dropped for future release
    Overlay IPv6 Gaps in ODL (Epic JIRA-47)
    • IPv6 Router Support – external routing (north-south)
    • ODL on IPv6 only infrastructure (deferred for future release)
    • VxLAN tunnel with IPv6 endpoints. Dependencies are:
      • OVS 2.6+
      • Test Cases in ODL to validate the feature support in ODL
      • Installer ability to properly configure it


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