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F Release Planning

The potential scope of our IPv6 work in F Release includes:

  • Underlay IPv6 - Compass Installer Support:
  • Overlay IPv6 Gaps in ODL (Epic JIRA-47)
    • IPv6 Router Support – external routing (north-south)
      • Done for 6.0.0
    • IPv6 in BGPVPN
      • Still work in progress in ODL
      • Postponed to future release (e.g. Gambia)
  • Exploring use of IPv6 for container networking (Epic JIRA-48)
    • IPv6 with Docker (Story JIRA-49)
      • Design simple topologies (Task JIRA-50)
      • Design solutions (Task JIRA-51)
    • Documenting Challenges in adapting them  for Production use (Task JIRA-52)


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