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C Release Planning

JOID * summary features for C release:

  • Mitaka OpenStack Support - JOID-61
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) optionally (Ubuntu 14.04(LTS)?)
    • Juju 2.0 and Juju 1.25.x
    • MAAS 2.0 and MAAS 1.9
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS), MAAS 2.0 and Juju 2.0, DPDK natively supported
    • Optionally, Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS), MAAS 1.9+ and Juju 1.25.x+
  • OpenDaylight Boron Support JOID-63
    • charm work needed
  • OpenDaylight HA (OVSDB Clustering)  JOID-65
    • charm work needed
  • Generic open source VNFM included - Juju bundles (this should be part of Models ? )
    • need to check further?
  • Resource Isolation (NUMA Affinity/Pinning) JOID-64
    • charm work needed
  • OpenContrail version 3.1 (Stuart/Samantha)? - please create JIRA issue:  JOID-56
    • which contrail version supports mitaka
    • Charm work needed
  • ONOS Goldeneye Support - Prakash JIRA issue JOID-68
  • IPv6 Support - I think its already supported from Liberty onwards lets test it and if works then we can carry forward the same to C release.  JOID-70
  • OVS with DPDK
    • charm work needed
  • OpenPower support
    • work in progress
  • ARM support
  • Ubuntu ARM 64bit support platform: Cavium, HP moonshot, APM xgene

Depending on resource availability, detailed plan and deliverable will be defined.

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