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JOID summary features for D release:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) 
  • Juju 2.0 
  • MAAS 2.0
  • OpenStack Support 
  • Openstack Newton
  • OpenPower support (check lab availability)
  • ARM support (depends on lab availability) 
  • Ubuntu ARM 64bit support platform: Cavium, HP moonshot, APM
    • OpenDaylight Carbon Support  
    • ONOS -- version TBD
    • OCL -- version 4.0
  • New Scenarios:
  • os-nosdn-dpdk_ipv6-ha
  • os-nosdn-dpdk_ipv6-noha
  • k8-nosdn-baremetal-core Kubernetes on Baremetal (1)
  • k8-nosdn-baremetal-lb Kubernetes on Baremetal 
  • Kubernetes services:
  • easyrsa
  • etcd
  • flannel
  • kunernetes-worker
  • Kubernetes-Master
  • HA support in Congress Charm
  • Update to deploy Congress in HA mode for HA scenarios
  • Horizon plugin support in Congress Charm
  • Update to deploy Congress Horizon pluging
  • Enable VM console in Horizon
  • Needed to enable debugging in cases where SSH to the VM is not working
  • Improve deployment environment awareness
  • Common place where environment script is located
  • Identify installer/version in environment
  • Create deployment environment variables for all shell sessions
  • Align naming conventions e.g. public network, region, etc
  • Upstream the Congress charms
  • This supports the goal to eliminate direct dependency upon private github repos except for during the development phase
  • Add deploy config file for enabled features
  • As supported by Apex, a yaml file that allows the end-user to select the features that should be enabled/disabled in the installation
  • Add support for Domino in JOID as default with enable   / disable default Tosca  parser library for vPODs
  • Add support for MANO projects to use default vnfm and nfvo from artifacts in CI build / CD deploy and enable disable both selectively
  • Review ssh key security issues we faced in Domino testing for Release C and fix that in D for functest to succeed

working version 


1 -  This scenario will be most probably dropped - assuming we can define bundle for OPNFV POD HW configuration (currently it requires 12 nodes to deploy)

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