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This page will document use cases etc for use of MAAS as an Admin server for OPNFV labs.



AT&T is building a community lab for OPNFV project development etc. Below is a diagram and some notes about how we are currently using MAAS, some issues we have encountered, etc. This will also document the workarounds and eventual solutions (hopefully) supported by MAAS.

Diagram notes:

  • We are currently using the MAAS UI only, but plan to script these Admin functions. Of particular interest for that is how:
    • to export the UI-designed node etc configs
    • to import the configs again e.g. if we have to redeploy MAAS
  • The vision for this lab is that the entire cluster of servers can be dynamically reconfigured into PODs (1 or more servers) via the Admin/PXE server (MAAS), and that can be scripted to allow us to maximize lab utilization and flexibility.

  • MAAS will be used to deploy default OS's including various releases of Ubuntu and Centos, plus other OS's (e.g. SUSE, and custom OS builds).
  • Once a POD is defined and the jumphost OS installed, the jumphost will be disconnected (by config) from MAAS as DHCP server, and will then manage DHCP/deployment etc for the POD.

  • Admin server is NOT connected to Public net for security reasons. So post-OS-install, the default GW for the servers is changed to the Public GW (by static route added in MAAS).


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