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  • KVM4NFV Release Plan for OPNFV Euphrates
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Project NameKVm4NFV
Detailed Release PlanRelease plan for Euphrates
First OPNFV Release?No
Primary ContactJiming Sun
Primary Time ZonePDT
JIRA Project Link
Code Development/Modification?yes
Test/Measurement/Monitoring project?yes
Test project running as part of CI?yes
Repos and Projectsyes
Installer SupportApex (but only Apex is the POR for E-Release)
DeploymentDeploy through Linux Kernel, KVM releases
Scenariosovs+ha+barometer+kvm and permutations without these components
Scenario Owner Discussion?yes
New Scenario?no
Automated Test in CIkvm is part of CI since release-C; will continue to be part of CI plus enhancement to automated tests.
Evidence of Deployment and Test in CITest results are viewable on Yardstick Dashboard and
Artifacts (non-code)N/A
OPNFV DependenciesNo