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This page will capture the assessment and recommendations of MANO project approaches to the architecture of the MANO functions, and address such aspects as:

  • components, and how they relate to the ETSI MANO architecture
  • component interfaces (including artifacts used in the interfaces)
  • component reuse across projects
  • recommendations for how we can promote convergence in these aspects

Tabulation of Architectural elements and equivalence


ETSI Reference Modules


ONAP to OPNFV(Opera) / (Auto)

OpenBaton to OPNFV(Orchestra)

OSM to OpenVIM


Design & Orchestration of NFV Service & Resource

Design Time / Run Time

SDC  / Service Orchestration (Global)

Service Templates /  Common Services



Manages Access & ID and registers VIM as a PoP followed by VNFM and NSD

Resource Orchestrator (RO) and Drivers for VIMs & VNFMs lead.


Manager of VNF Life Cycle

VNF Validations  & VNF On-boarding VNF SDK / Genri+Specific Controllers

 LCM  using HEAT as GVNFM for use cases: VoLTE,  (residential) vCPE

Traps NFVO API calls and redirects them based on (G or S) VNFM or to VIM driver to manage LC of VNFs. Support for Juju GVNFM.

Juju as Configuration as GVNFM / VNF Configuration and Abstraction (VCA) module. Canonical led.


Infrastructure Virtualization Manager

Cloud /VIM Driver for OpenStack and SDN Controllers / OPNFV Scenario integrations

VIM Driver code supports OpenStack or any extended VIMs

Supports OpenVIM (default), OpenStack and , VmwareTM. SDN ODL & Floodlight

(Vmware lead )


NFV PoP Infrastructure

Deploying & Monitoring NFVI

Deploying & Monitoring NFVI

Telefonica test this


Virtualized Network Function

vCPE in Amsterdam  release

VoLTE in Amsterdam release



Establishing ETSI plugtest


Service Offered to Customer

AT&T , China Mobile, Bell Canada and Orange are working in ONAP to research and adapt ONAP stack in their internal platforms since 2017 March.

vIMS (x-CSCF) services and Mobile core. Has been from 2014 and organized for Mobile core.

Modeling ETSI use cases. Early entry 2016 but slowed by standards & IPR issues. OSM is used by Telefonia in its VIVO offerings.


ETSI Reference       



ECOMP/ D2.0 (AT&T)

SDN-NFV Architecture (Verizon)



Orchestration of NFV Service

& Resource

Seeks iterative Standards and incremental improvements through

Design of Asset belonging to 1 of 4, Resource, Service, Product or

Offer. Use Models & Deploy Catalog driven DesignTime Framework 

for defining, designing,instantiating and management and control

behavior of assets over ECOMP based Domain 2.0. Orchestrate

 Delivery & manage SLA's through run-time monitoring and analytic.


End-2-End-Orchestrator EEO (Global) NFV MANO

/ SDN WAN Control NBI from OSS/BSS to EEO, NFVO and EMS.

EEO does Resource allocation and orchestration,Work flow execution,Topology and
Inventory Management, Configuration and activation

C3-Catalog of network services (e.g.,VNF based services,End-to-EndNetwork services)

Service Assurance (SA) collects alarm and monitoring data.
Catalogs/Repositories is the collection of descriptor files, workflow templates,

provisioning scripts etc. that are used by EEO,VNFM, and SA to manage VNFs

and NFV/SDN/End-to-end network services
Repository R4. Inventory information such as topology information
R5. Service Assurance related repository of alarm and performance information


Manager of VNF Life Cycle

VNF On-boarding (YANG Model driven Configuration & management)

Allowing different Vendors to plug onboard and operate over ECOMP.

LCM for RO over VIM for VNF assets based on Policy & Orchestration.

VNFM uses C1-Catalog of individual VNFs (e.g.,BNG, PCRF).
Note that service definitions can be used in a recursive manner. For example,
a service exposed by EEO may rely on a connection service exposed by the WAN
SDN Controller and published in the SDN service(C2) catalog, and on VNF functionality
published in the (C1) VNF catalog. Repository R1. VNF Instances 



Infrastructure Virtualization


VIM using hierarchical SDN Controllers e.g.,OpenStack,ODN/ONOS,

TOSCA, etc. Network Virtualization like NetConf,Yang,OPNFV,etc

VIM and SDN Controller use C2-Catalog of SDN based network services (e.g.
,IP VPN service,E-line service, lambda service) Repository  R2. VNF Resources (in VIM)
R3.Network Service Instances and Resources (in SDC)




NFV PoP Infrastructure

Deploying & Monitoring NFVI, Assumes  All COTS Hardware.

Deploying & Monitoring NFVI



Virtualized Network Function

D2 based micro services,resources,products/VNFs including ECOMP

platform components. e.g., data collection, control loops, meta-data

recipe creation, policy/recipe distribution, etc.

e.g. of IMS & EPC VNFD Considerations

IMS and EPC VNFD s include information about the following
: The VMs that belong to the VNF, The name of the Images to be deployed for the VNF,
The start - order for the VMs, The affinity rules ( CSCF were?),Flavor of VM,
The vNICs and networks used by the VMs of the VNF, Management and Configuration.



Service Offered to Customer

Offers include Access, Data , Voice & Video. Early Entry 2015 through

ODL,ONOS and  OPNFV & other LF efforts.

The Network Service Descriptor describes the resource and interworking requirements of a set of
VNFs,which together realize a service. Verizon Offers include similar to other tier-1 providers Access,
Data, Voice and Multi-media services.




Note OPNFV is Collaborative effort between Operator & Vendors)

Open-O (CMCC lead through LF - dissolved in Q1 2017 and merged with ONAP) / ONAP  (led by AT&T & China Mobile)

ONAP Developer Wiki

ONAP Architetcure

Older OPEN-O links below

Architecture 0_9 Traditional

Architecture 1.0 Micro-services

Interfaces and APIs ( Review TOSCA nfv extension sample pipngpong.yml for CSAR usage)

NFVO LCM in SUN Release (1st Release)

NFVO Release Plan for Mercury(2nd Release)

VNF Onboarding

NFVO Resource Manger APIs

VNFM Driver APIs

VIM Driver APIs


OpenBaton (Frauhaufer lead through EU)

Architecture – ETSI Compliant MANO Framework

MANO Blocks in OpenBaton

vIMS Use case

NFVO built to use NFVI PoPs through VIM and VNFMs

VIM Driver

VNFM Generic and Custom using SDK

Monitoring NFVI

Network Slicing Support


OSM ( Telefonica lead efforts through ETSI – Operator led

OSM Architecture

VNF Package Creation, UI and Onboarding

VNF Configuration Adapter (VCA) based on JuJu Charm modeling/hooks


ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy -  platform )

SDN-NFV Architecture  (Verizon)


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