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This page will capture notes and discussion on the topic of how to integrate MANO stack components into OPNFV.

Here are some starting goals and related assumptions etcto be tested (feel free to add comments to the table):

MANO stack component integration does not require new scenariosVIM NBI provide a clean interface allowing MANO stack components to be added post-deploy, e.g. as we do today with vIMS, or as the Models project is doing for various VNFM/NFVO components. Exceptions might include MANO projects that depend (for some unclear/poor reason!) on a specific version/fork of a VIM. Refer below OPEN-O seeking Scenario
Multiple MANO stack components can coexist in a single OPNFV deployMANO components, even those that offer the same/overlapping functions, can coexist as NBI consumers on OPNFV. Good use cases for this include interim phases toward a truly converged future, in which a SP may need to use various VNFMs that work with a particular VNF/service modeling toolset. In that case multiple MANO component deployment will be expected to work.

Some exceptions may be needed such as NFV-O of OPEN-O has possible pre-Mitaka version of OpenStack and Heat orchestration use and hence over few cycles one must catch up. Resources for CI may be needed. This is needed in Opera from OPEN-O integration into OPNFV.

Our preference is to use the release version of OpenStack in OPNFV integration, but OPEN-O's need represents an exception to that.

 OPEN-O indicated they need Scenario to test NFVO & VFMException sought by OPEN-O for short term until the Scenario freezing issues are settled in future. 
Module testing of VNFM & NFVO should be preferably done through Functest in OPNFV.NOVO and VNFM will be part of  CI/CD in OPNFV. 
Use case testing eg. vIMS or vCPE could be taken as next step as part of MANO stack vlaidation.MANO Stack of OPEN-O is integrated over OPNFV VIM. 



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  1. What is "VFM" did you mean VNFM ? VNF ?

    1. VNFM I meant which is MANO component.