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This page will capture the assessment and recommendations of MANO project approaches to the lifecycle of services and VNFs. This will be more specific than the VNF Onboarding page (which covers the broad outline, but more focused on the onboarding process), and address such aspects as:

  • detailed sequence of operations involved in deployment of a service/VNF
  • lifecycle events (hooks) supported by the MANO projects e.g. through generic or specific VNFM functions
  • assumptions/prerequisites related to the above aspects
  • recommendations for how we can promote convergence in these aspects


Sequence of Operations in Deployment of Service/VNF

** Prerequisite:   The assumptions made here is that there is a Local or Global Catalog that has the VNF / Service Package On-boarded. This can be verified by VNF On-boarding with a commonly acceptable procedure in place for MANO projects.

Production follows On-boarding

Hooks associated with simple VNF Life cycle events for different MANO Stacks: These are tentative steps and will need to be tabulated with different NFVOs/GVNFs/SVNFs before we consolidate this.

1) Boot the VM(s) or choose the Instance(s) of VM to run VNF with appropriate network and storage

2) Read Meta-data for VNF Configuration

3) Configure the VNF (Policy enabled workload shaping, placement, Resource allocation)

4) Init & execute  the VDU(s) sequences and establish instance relations based on VNF Configuration / Feature Maps

5) Add the VNF to the Pool for use by Consumer(s)



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