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MANO in OPNFV requires coordination between different projects in OPNFV. This page documents the project-wise support for MANO and their inputs to OPNFV MANO work group.The guidance will be based on these inputs and common minimum guidance is listed on the MANO Project Guidance page.

Projects are occupied with day to day deliverables and cross-project co-ordination do not get exposed to broader community. To raise awareness it is considered that the Workgroup level co-ordination may alleviate some of the communications scope. Starting Release E following may be considered as a proposal for better alignment.

Working Group



Go to Working GroupPresent and get resolution onProjects  in MANO to alert for pain points they need resolved from other Working Groups 
MANO WGMANO SecuritySecurity WG




 Mail to:

Meeting: Security

MANO WGMANO Scenario/InstallationInfra WG

MANO Scenario/ Configuration

OPNFV VIM Scenario template

Infra WG Collaboration

Features in MANO as Descriptors like support for floating IP, BGPVPN, L3VPN etc.


Mail to:  

Meeting: Infra WG

MANO WGMANO Testing issuesTest WG

Discussing the test use cases

Asking help for APIs(Swagger), Test Framework,

Test Tools, Release aspectsTest

 Mail to:

Meeting Test WG

MANO WGMANO Best Practices  DocumentationsOPNFV Documentation TeamHow to update or upgrade Project Docs per release. How to ensure continuous help in Documenting SDK/APIs etc. for MANO usage.

 Mail to:

Meeting: MANO WG

MANO WG Upstream MANO and Sundry [mano] Upstream + Sundry Send email to and cc opnfv-tech-discuss (

Mail to: 

Domino Seeks Registration in GSM NSO.

MANO WGContinues Validation Program (CVP) and DovetailCompliance of MANO stackHow does MANO WG and associated Projects help building use case for Dovetail to build test areas and test suites for Validating MANO stacks interop with OPNFV VIM and MANO stack Interop for OPNFV VNFs.

Mail to:

MAIN: Dovetail



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