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This page will capture guidance sought  by OPNFV projects and related Upstream MANO projects for the  best practices offered and documented  in OPNFV.

(star) Projects - OPNFV



MANO Participation

Collaboration topics


(Active in F)

Yingjun Li (Huawei)
Scenario os-nosdn-nofeature-ha,  Installer (Compass, JOID...), Build and test VNFM over OPNFV VIM from OPEN-O NFVO VNF Management (juju), VNF Formats (CSAR), VNF Catalog (, VNF LCM(to scope) . PTL 


(Active E, F)

Giuseppe Carella (Frauhaufer de)
NVFO API to test over OPNFV VIMUse case vIMS . PTL  presented NFVO API to MANO group for "Orchestra" Project in OPNFV. Currently using FUNCTEST for Orchestration and testing. Planning work with Models and Doctor projects for Network Service Modeling and Fault detection/analysis closed loop system.


(Last update in D-release)

Bryan Sullivan  (AT&T)
Planning : Model focus for MANO is VNF on-boarding experiments for different upstream. Very active participant and perhaps leading the efforts. Refer Meeting notes.PTL  has been regularly bringing issues and supporting Service Provider viewpoint to MANO WG and go to person for Service Provider view point.


(Closed after Congress update in D)

Bryan Sullivan  (AT&T)

Policy Based Orchestration

The lessons learned from Congress Integration is important to MANO  for implementing policies to OpenStack Infra modules in OPNFV VIM.

PTL  had started this early in Arno  time frame to formulate requirements, which moved to laptop testing of Congress. In Colorado it got to manual testing in OPNFV labs. In Danube expect Congress Integration through all Installers for OpenStack. ODL GBP got delayed and plans to sunset and move documents with help of MANO WG to focus his efforts to get working from OpenStack Trunk as delays in OPNFV development window is hurting his efforts.



Alok Gupta AT&T
There is interest in MANO, indicated by PTL for best practices for Event Types and thresholds specs to manage alerts for streaming.PTL Alok Gupta, AT&T is new to OPNFV and focus is on VNF Data Model to standardize and ably assisted by Bryan Sullivan for integration with Congress through Copper-31. Of Release E the integration with Barometer through closed loop Models is on priority.


(Last update in D)

Ulas Kozat (Huawei) 

TOSCA Templates Validations, this is a stumbling block as standards are still evolving on labels are being proposed by different VNFM and Policy rules. For now best practices need addressing in MANO workgroup.

PTL has been working with different Parser (OPNFV parser, OpenStack Tacker, Aria ng Parser), multi-site and several orchestrators (HEAT, k8, ONOS, ODL) to see how Template Pub/Sub can help MANO to use TOSCA template as standard with associated translations. Currently partitioning/Orphan VL is cross project issue and evaluating best practice to offer to MANO. Considering GSO / OPEN-O integration on NB for Domino. Other evaluation include K8 based template distribution.


(Last Updated in D)

Huangzhpeng (Huawei)
Template Translations: tosca2heat, yang2tosca, policy2tosca, API-GW, gRPC,  Verigraph are some of the template translation and validation across Parser, Domino in MANO Infrastructure Domains. Best practices evolving from these efforts will be shared across OPNFV MANO working group.PTL  has been working with different communities to see how Parser can support different projects in OPNFV including Domino which for a natural pairs. The tosca2kube is a initiative and if not complete will be moved to Release-E.

VNF Forwarding Graph (Terminated in D)


SFC (question)

Fourie Henry (Huawei)


Brady Allen Johnson (Ericsson)

VNF Forwarding Graph - As part of support for neutron-sfc both OPNFV projects VNF Forwarding Grpah' & SFC need to co-ordinate with Tacker as well neutron-sfc drivers for ODL and ONOS. As part of facilitating cross-project co-ordination mano-wg welcomes all patticating rojecs.


Henry and Brady have been working with both OPNFV and upstream OpnStack Neutron, Tacker, ODL and ONOS and tests for the same are being looked at in Model to see if we can get end to end orchestration using SFC.


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