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VI-Manager has been a subject of OPNFV  discussions ever since its inception in Q4/2014. The easy part was selecting OpenStack to build VIM. The difficult part was how to synch with rapid evolution of Greenfield Virtual Network Controller Neutron and legacy networks through SDN controllers. At start the only option was ODL and later ONOS and OC managed to integrate as part of VIM though different configurations (called Scenarios) in OPNFV terminology. Now at this juncture the question is not if they deliver but how they deliver and can they be aligned for a common  NBI, which has been elusive. Industry efforts are afoot in many SDOs and will percolate into OPNFV as more MANO stacks start building over OPNFV VIM as we see happening in future releases beyond Colorado.

Here the focus will be on Interfaces 7,8,9  and APIs associated with it.

Targets?Manage Virtualized Compute (VM), Network (VN) and Storage (VS)
Business Goal?VM On boarding, VM Instance Life Cycle /Resource management.
Typical Scenarios?
VM Deployment/On-boarding/Scaling/Fault-recovery to support VNFM and NFVO
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