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The email containing the presentation can be found here:

First draft  

Second draft  

Third draft  

OPNFV 2020 - Key Areas Of Focus

  • Drive additional community/developer enablement - OPNFV is lowering the barrier to entry 
  • CNTT scenarios, OPNFV Tools
  • Tools / Infra Evolution


COMMUNITY INPUT  Priority (rank order) 2019 Notes 2020: What are the functional requests from the community OPNFV
Expected benefits (qualitative and quantitative are appreciated) to community and other comments/explanations
I. Marketing - (MAC Primary, TSC secondary)

Marketing Content 2 Collateral for Projects and LFN what is required to update the LFN2020 project messaging based on MAC work + Project specific content (Websites, Data sheets, Whitepapers, Wiki cleanup…etc) 

Increase spend

Focus on developers

CNTT to drive more demand for marketing content

Digital Marketing and Campaigns 3 New in 2020 (MAC/Projects requested shift of focus to Digital)  Does you project want to participate in Digital? What level? What do you want to highlight
Developer Awards and SWAG 1 New in 2019 Is this at the right level for your community? Please answer - Same, increase, decrease or add comment
Community Events and Meetups 1 OSN Days / Meetups OSN Days Requested in 2020 (Please enter City, Timing, host member for your project) 

Increase community events for OPNFV specific.

Dedicated mini-summits

Major Tradeshows 3 ONS, MWC, Kubecon Specify level of participation. ONS NA and ONS EU have LFN booths, Joint booth at MWC with CNCF/Hyperdedger. TBD on Kubecon
II. Developer Collaboration (TSC - primary, TAC secondary)

Hosting 1 Per minute Billing implemented, ph1 of LFN IT modernization Any project directional change (Phase 2 of IT Modernization) 90

OPNFV Infrastructure Evolution 1 Budget to refresh OPNFV lab and developer infrastructure and resources  for integration/deployment/testing

Increase spend

Augment resources available to the community to make access to development environments more readily available and easy to use.  Environments should be capable of supporting modern projects, such as a ONAP and requirements from CNTT.

Modern OPNFV sandbox, that can run locally to the developer, and meets a minimum requirements set from CNTT.

End Goal: Regain OPNFV's position of "the place" the development community looks to for these types of resources (local or online resources).

2019 Infrastructure spend to worked into a execution plan by Jack Morgan

LF IT Services (Release Engineering, SysAdmin, Collab Services)
Release Engineering and Sys Ops RE and Ops support (SEE BELOW) See BELOW on RESOURCE GUIDANCE

Hardware Infrastructure 1 Depreciation, Lab etc.. Any New Hardware requested

Increase spend

BASE UNIT for CNTT: 8 nodes - 3x controller/storage, 4x compute, 1x jump host

No CNTT dedicated labs exist today  

Developer Design Forum / Plugfest 1 DDF/Hackfest/Plugfest ( Any deviation from 2019) Please input #, size, when and if separate from joint…
  • ONAP+OPNFV DDF/Plugfest (France)
  • ONAP+OPNFV DDF/Plugfest (Sweden)
  • CNTT+OPNFV  (France)

Increase spend

OPNFV wants 2 DDF/Plugfest

OPNFV wants 4 Meetups (linked to major events 2x ONS, 2x Kubecon)

Local meetups 8 in the geographical regions

  • 3x in Portland is possible

TSC Discretionary Funding 1 Total per project 2019 Guidance: Was this used effectively and does it help? (Y/N) 20 Neutral
Internship & Academic Outreach 2 Total Interns 2019 Guidance on Interns for 2020 - PLEASE INPUT # 3 Neutral 
3rd party consulting  2 Eg Doc, OVP analysis, marketing collateral Ideas for "consultant " beyond community support? 
  • LFN DDF + Plugfest Report (2)
    PR (OPNFV Major Press Releases and pre-briefs for Hunter (spring), Iruya (fall),
  • OVP/CNTT/GSMA – 2 PRs, 1 blog)
  • OPNFV Overall Positioning & Messaging
  • OPNFV Release Messaging & Marketing: Hunter (spring), Iruya (fall)
  • OVP & CNTT messaging (fall)
  • Solution Brief: Open Source
  • Community Extends Virtual Central Office to Mobile
    Use Case (OPNFV + OCP)
  • Refresh OPNFV Training materials, eBook with Iruya (fall)
  • OVP 2.0 (Spring), OVP Go to Market campaign (fall)
  • OVP focused webinar (fall)

Increase spend

CNTT will drive additional work here

LF Support, headcount related input

Technical Program Mgmt (Community Architects)  1 Current support staff listed in projects Guidance and Input on any major effort required in 2020 that will change the workload Jim

Marketing & Communication  2 Current support - Jill (comms) & Brandon (marketing)  Guidance and Input on any major effort required in 2020 that will change the workload LFN Marcom Services + MAC + community content creation

IT: Release Engineering 1 Current support staff listed in projects Guidance and Input on any major effort required in 2020 that will change the workload 2

Release Manager 1 Current support staff listed in projects Guidance and Input on any major effort required in 2020 that will change the workload David

IT Modernization Project (TAC Primary)  1 If priority, please list top 1-2 tools or areas you would like to invest in migrating/enhancing
Cloud based CI - TAC Infra WG directions
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