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Airship Installer Project Meetings


Agenda of July 9th, 2020

  • No meeting on June 25th due to LFV vF2F.

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  • Roll Call
  • Admin Update
  • SDV:
    • Create a config mapping from PDF to Airship as part of code
    • superset of PDF 1.0 and 2.0, expanding to full requirements of Airship, tripleo
    • Will run python script in the container
    • Parth is working on checking on status and collecting logs of failed containers as part of deployment scripts
  • TM 1.8 integration
    • Upstream patchset: . The "cruiser" type is for full size network cloud NFV Airship deployment
    • Started integration in opnfv repo this week
    • The plan is to create a new cntt type "cruiser-lite" in upstream and refresh site yamls. the cruiser-lite type is for opnfv lab hardware profile and its smaller footprint
    • Consuming PDF/IDF in site deployment will be a future step after TM 1.8
    • Need to update functest to Stein and other issues that were waiting for TM 1.8.
  • Adarsh and Aditya are working on alert manager and logging.
  • CNTT RI update
    • Issues:

      Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  • AOB

Past Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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