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Airship Installer Project Meetings


Agenda of January 14th, 2021

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  • Roll Call
  • Admin Update
  • Code review:
  • CNTT RI 1
    • LAAS pod: Anuket Airship Installer PODs 
      • upgrading to gen 10 servers (total 8)
      • pending network linking issue with gen10 server
    • Intel pod 15 new NICs are in, but node1 remote console has issue to redirect iso
    • tempest integration
      • all role and polic related failures should have been fixed
      • need to work with Cedric Ollivieron neutron/compute test failures due to L2
      • qos investigation to start with upstream team
  • CNTT RI-2
  • ODIM Integration:
  • Tungsten Fabric:
  • AOB

Past Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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