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ARM Band Project Meetings

Fridays @ 0700 Pacific Time Zone- weekly

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

IRC Channel is set up @

You can also dial in using your phone. 

United States +1 (786) 358-5410 


Access Code: 144-838-637 


More phone numbers 

Australia +61 2 8355 1040 

Austria +43 7 2088 0034 

Belgium +32 (0) 28 93 7018 

Canada +1 (647) 497-9353 

Denmark +45 69 91 88 64 

Finland +358 (0) 923 17 0568 

France +33 (0) 170 950 592 

Germany +49 (0) 692 5736 7210 

Ireland +353 (0) 15 360 728 

Italy +39 0 247 92 13 01 

Netherlands +31 (0) 208 080 379 

New Zealand +64 9 909 7888 

Norway +47 75 80 32 07 

Spain +34 955 32 0845 

Sweden +46 (0) 853 527 836 

Switzerland +41 (0) 225 3314 51 

United Kingdom +44 (0) 330 221 0086 


Agenda for 24 August 2018

1) Gambia Release Status

2) HW for Heterogeneous Pods update

3) Apex/CentOS support

4) Edge Cloud

5) Misc/Wrap



Agenda for 13 July2018

1) Gambia general status

2) Apex/CentOS support

3) x86 HW order status

4) Committer List Cleanup

5) Edge Cloud 


Minutes (text):


Agenda for 15June2018

1) Plugfest Debrief- Auto and Multi-VIM...other topics?

2) Gambia general status

3) Apex/CentOS support

4) HW update

5) Edge Cloud initiatives

Minutes (text):

Minutes for 18May2018

Agenda for 20April 2018

1) Fraser Readiness check

2) Apex/CentOS support and discussion about CI/CD method

3) Debrief from ONS

4) Added- Update on additional hardware for Pharos Lab

Agenda for 06April 2018

1) Fraser Readiness check

2) Apex/CentOS support

3) Debrief from ONS

4) Added- Update on additional hardware for Pharos Lab

Minutes (text):

Agenda for 09 March 2018

1) Fraser Milestone readiness check

2) Update on additional hardware order

3) Disucssion on how to approach APex support post Fraser. 

4) Wrap

No meeting 23 Feb due to MWC travel

Agenda for 09 feb 2018

1) Status of testing towards Fraser release milestones

2) Update on hardware order for more pods in Armband lab

3) Brief discussion on Apex Installer

4) Any Additional Issues 

5) Wrap



Agenda for 26 Jan 2018

1) Sync up on Fraser status

2) Quick discussion on mixed pods

3) briefly revisit the committer list cleanup

4) ONS developer days

5) Misc topic/wrapup


Agenda for 12 Jan 2018

1) Sync up on status on getting to completion of Fraser

2) Review of Installer situation

3) Discussion on XCI implications for the future

4) Cleanup of Committer List



Agenda for 15 Dec 2017

1) Discuss Milestone dues today for Euprhates 5.1 Documentation

2) QUick recap of Plugfest in Portland , OR

3) Discuss the progress thus far on Fraser

4) Additional Installers Apex and JOID

5) Questions from the attendees


Agenda for 01 Dec 2017

1) Review of Fraser planning and status

2) Review of Euphrates 5.2 Release Milestone

3) Fraser MS3 discussion

4) Any updates on Apex or JOID Installer

5) Discussion of Plugfest next week

6) Wrap


Agenda for 17 Nov 2017

1) Open discussion on planning for Fraser release

a. Installers

b. hardware

c. SFC

d. Barometer

e. Yardstick



Agenda for 20 Oct

1) Wrap up of Euphrates release

2) Misc



Back from Sabbatical- No minutes from back up meetings held August and Sept8. 

Agenda for 22Sept2017

1) Milestone 5 was successfully reached back in August and now preparing for the final release. What is the status of test runs?

2) Fuel released its won docs and we should discuss short term and long term the best way to include ARM installation documentation for Installers.

   a) Separate docs as we do now

   b) Work with projects to merge Arm specific into one document (preferred)

3) Any update on Apex support?

4) Yardstick results recently published. 

5) Next Steps to Euphrates





Agenda 28 July 2017

1) Euphrates Milestone 5 Exception and outlook

2) APex installer update if possible. 

3) New time needed for next call- due to ARM Partner meetings 11Aug. 



Agenda 14 July 2017

1) Danube 3 revised release date 14 July- COnfirming release tagged

2) Euphrates MS3 Release Exception status for MS5 Jul28 status





NOTE: No Meetings 16 July (OPNFV Summit Travel) or 30June (Holiday)


Agenda 02June2017

1) Danube 3 June 8 target- release status

2) Euphrates Milestone 3 mitigation/exception process

3) Optional: Apex Update if available



Agenda 19May2017

1) Danube 3- June 8 target- status towards release

2) Euphrates Milestone 2- Due may 22- Any issues with meeting this deadline?

3) Optional; Apex update if available





Agenda 05May 2017

1) Danube 2.0 debrief

2) Danube 3.0 cleanup


3) Apex Installer update


Agenda 21 April 2017 - No meetings occurred since Danube release, switching to bi-weekly, skipping Easter holiday.

1) E- release planning brainstorm

2) Apex Installer update

3) Danube 3.0 status




Agenda 31 March 2017

1) Danube release is scheduled for today. Review Armband Test results for Armband, docs and release readiness

2) Misc and wrapup


Headline: Armband Danube release will be ready today! Final items are being looked and docs updated but the release will be tagged today. Great job Team!




Agenda 17March 2017

1) Check in on Danube test results, documentation and release readiness 

2) Misc and wrapup



Agenda 10March 2017 

1) Update on Readiness for Danube release

2) Update on Apex installer (if an update is available)

3) Misc and wrap up


Agenda 17 Feb 2017

1) MS6 documentation milestone status

2) general feature and testing status

3) misc



Agenda 10 February 2017- 

1) Update from Committers on the scenarios being tested for Danube 1.0- 

       a) Any remaining Fuel plugins not ready?

2) Is the Documentation team prepared to meet milestone MS6 by 17Feb

3) Any Comments to the team from Apex project on progress?

4) Misc and Wrap Up






Agenda 23 Jan 2017

Update on scenarios run for MS5

DIscussion of APex Installer progress

Wrap Up



Agenda 20Jan- No meeting held 13 Jan

Update on Danube readiness

Update on Apex Installer work

Misc topics



Agenda 06 Jan

Discuss MS5 and readiness for Danube status.



Failed to start the record bot and so raw meetings notes in line here:

[07:27] Short meeting today due to folks being still out for holiday
[07:28]  We did not have critical mass on the details of pending items for closure on Danube release
[07:31] Bob is wondering about the MS5 milestone, which is closure of scenario integration and may not affect Armband anyways
[07:31] Larry L indicated that there was discussion of slipping MS5 due to delays from infrastructure changes
[07:33] found the email where recommendation to the TSC that we slip MS5 by two weeks to January 27 and MS6 by three weeks to Feb 17
[07:34] This recommendation would not propose to move the release date, but just shrink the time between MS6 and relase March 27- TBD
[07:36] Bob indicated he would like to confer with core engineers in Armband after they return, and decide if we need to have a meeting 13Jan or we can skip to 20Jan to allow us more time to make progress and compile staff to report as Bob is in China 07Jan-13Jan
[07:37] Bob will send a message out on tech discuss once we have more insight into readiness for a report to the team meeting
[07:38] question came up regarding whether Apex Installer/CentOS support was still in the plan
[07:39] Bob indicated that, despite continued delays due to interrupts within the Apex team, we have been assured that the necessary seed work by Red Hat will be picked in early in January.
[07:39]  Bob will contact that team for an update today 06Jan
[07:40] Another question came up re: why JOID was displayed as lower priority for Danube.
[07:41]  Bob indicated it was merely tied to desire for OS diversity (add CentOS) support which implied Apex, plus, there is a customer who will need Apex support.
[07:42]  we already have Ubuntu support, & JOID, which is an alternative Installer for Ubuntu based system, will be added as resources are available.
[07:44]  for JOID, as well as any Installer, Armband needs seed work from the project first and Armband engineers did meet with Canonical (JOID ) engineers at OPNFV PLugfest.
[07:45]  renewed commitment to collaborate and plan out JOID support, starting with Armband engineer to join JOID meetings, whch have been deferred until new year due to proximity of holiday after Plugfest
[07:45]  more soon on JOID discussions
End of Meeting-

Agenda 16Dec

1) Initial Review of Danube Goals

2) wrap up






No more meetings until Jan 2017

Agenda for 02 Dec

Review any final issues for tagging Colorado 3.0 release

Minutes: Headline: Colorado 3.0 is ready to tag and Docs ready to update.


Agenda for 18Nov

1) Activity on Apex Installer?

2) Colorado 3.0 work item status

3) Plugfest discussion






Agenda for 11Nov

1) Discuss Open JIRA tickets

2) Colorado 3.0 v Danube

3) PlugFest planning


Agenda for 04 Nov 2016

1) Discuss Open JIRA tickets

2) Colorado 3.0 v Danube

3) PlugFest planning



Agenda for 07Oct 2016 (No meeting Sept30)

1) Intro of new project contributors

2) Planning for Colorado 3.0




Agenda for Sept 23

1) Congratulate the team on successful Colorado 1.0 Release!!!




 opnfv-armband.2016-09-23-14.05.log.txt  23-Sep-2016 14:41  2.7K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-09-23-14.05.txt      23-Sep-2016 14:41  1.8K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-09-23-14.05.log.html 23-Sep-2016 14:41  6.4K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-09-23-14.05.html     23-Sep-2016 14:41  4.8K 


Agenda for 16 Sept 2016

1) Final Planning for Colorado 1.o release



 opnfv-armband.2016-09-16-14.06.log.txt  16-Sep-2016 14:41  1.9K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-09-16-14.06.txt      16-Sep-2016 14:41  2.1K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-09-16-14.06.log.html 16-Sep-2016 14:41  5.6K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-09-16-14.06.html     16-Sep-2016 14:41  5.8K  



Agenda for Sept 9, 2016

1) Update on Colorado 1.0

2) Other issues

Minutes for Sept 9, 2016:
several minor issues solved, others deferred to post Colorado 1.0
All required tests passing and only minor CI inconsistency issues left to be resolved: 
2 dedicated pods in main CI Loop and everything on track for official release readiness
Goal for the next week is several consecutive, successful Jenkins runs of all supported scenaries for Armband


Agenda for Sept 2, 2016

1) Update on Colorado 1.0 progress

2) Update on Yardstick

3) Update on open/unassigned JIRA tickets

Minutes recorded:


Agenda for Aug 26, 2016

1) Update on Colorado 1.0 progress

2) Update on Yardstick


Minutes Recorded:

opnfv-armband.2016-08-26-14.02.log.txt  26-Aug-2016 14:32  2.6K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-08-26-14.02.txt      26-Aug-2016 14:32  2.7K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-08-26-14.02.log.html 26-Aug-2016 14:32  6.6K  


 opnfv-armband.2016-08-26-14.02.html     26-Aug-2016 14:32  6.7K  


Agenda for 19 Aug 2016

1) Update on Colorado 1.0 progress

2) Update on Yardstick

3) Update on additional Installers and OpenContrail

Meeting Minutes:

Summary: Despite a 1 week setback dues to CI Main Pod Build Server failure, the system is back up and some build issues are to be resolved today or Monday and Functest runs should resume in CI Monday or Tuesday. Previous runs revealed 100% Functest passes but not yet consistent. 

An additional 5 servers have been added and now being con figured and put in place over next couple of weeks. Another 5 node pod backfilling for the dedication for CI Main should be ready within 3 weeks waiting on a shipment. 

Yarkstick tests all running and results being analyzed. Overall Armband Colorado 1.0 is on track for Fuel-based scenarios. Other details in the Minutes below:


Meeting minutes Fri Jul 29 14:58:05 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)

Agenda for 22 July

1) Update on Colorado 1.0 progress

2) Update on Yardstick

3) Update on APex Installer


NOTE: IRC only due to colliding GTM usage to be resolved:


No meetings July 8 or July 15 due to summer vacations



Agenda for July 1 2016

1) Update on Colorado Planning Status

2) Fuel for Mitaka work update for C 1.0

3) Functest and Yardstick status update

4) OpenContrail status

5) Wrap Up





No meetings June 24

Agenda for June 17 2016

1) Update on Colorado Status

2) OPNFV Summit Coordination

3) Wrap Up

No Meeting June 10

Agenda for 27 May 2016

Status of CI loop for Brahmaputra R3 : Passing

Additional Public Pod configuration

Colorado Planning

 - Fuel merging update for Colorado

 - JOID Installer team access

 - Apex Installer team access

 - Additional SDN Controller




Agenda for 20May

Initial Colorado Planning

Minutes: Falied to invoke the bot and so raw notes are inline here. Light attendance due to offsites and transition from B-release to C-release:


[07:07] <bobmon01#info Bob Monkman
[07:09] == florind__ [~androirc@] has joined #opnfv-armband
[07:10] <bobmon01#info Joe Kidder
[07:10] <bobmon01#info Florin D
[07:10] == florind_ [~androirc@] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[07:10] <bobmon01#info Vijey Radhakrishna
[07:11] <NokMikeR#info Mike Rooke
[07:13] <florind__#info Florin Dumitrascu
[07:13] <bobmon01#info discussion of the proposals being discussed on Colorado release dates
[07:14] <bobmon01#info proposal for Armband is to secure the solid scenarios for CI loop first
[07:15] == joekidder [4b964d39@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #opnfv-armband
[07:16] <bobmon01#info plan all additional Instalklers/OSs. SDN controllers etc for the 2nd release
[07:18] == bin_ [uid46713@gateway/web/] has joined #opnfv-armband
[07:18] <bin_#info Bin Hu
[07:19] <bobmon01#action determine by participation and queries in key projects what the defined release criteria of Colorado is
[07:20] <bobmon01#action send reps into Functest, Yardstick, Octopus, Genesis, Fuel and Apex, and others should propose ones we have omitted
[07:22] <mikeH_#info Mike Holmes
[07:23] == Vijayendra [32ce91e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #opnfv-armband
[07:27] <bobmon01#info Canonical is on board working on adding Joid
[07:28] <bobmon01#action Florin/Joe to get Apex team access to a similar small test node to begin hacking there

[07:40] <bobmon01#action Mike Rooke will ask his colleagues to seek to determine any clarity on release criteria for Colorado from participation in other meetings and report back
[07:41] <bobmon01#action Bob will work on recruiting new contributors/committers for Armband in parallel.



Minutes for 13 May 2016


opnfv-armband.2016-05-13-14.04.log.txt  13-May-2016 14:34  3.0K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-05-13-14.04.txt      13-May-2016 14:34  2.8K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-05-13-14.04.log.html 13-May-2016 14:34  8.0K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-05-13-14.04.html     13-May-2016 14:34  7.8K 



Minutes for 06 May 2016

 opnfv-armband.2016-05-06-14.04.log.txt  06-May-2016 14:53  3.5K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-05-06-14.04.txt      06-May-2016 14:53  3.7K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-05-06-14.04.log.html 06-May-2016 14:53  9.1K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-05-06-14.04.html     06-May-2016 14:53  9.6K 



Minutes for 22 Apr 2016 

 opnfv-armband.2016-04-22-14.03.log.txt  22-Apr-2016 14:58  3.4K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-04-22-14.03.txt      22-Apr-2016 14:58  3.1K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-04-22-14.03.log.html 22-Apr-2016 14:58  8.5K  
 opnfv-armband.2016-04-22-14.03.html     22-Apr-2016 14:58  8.5K  



Minutes for 15 Apr 2016 




Minutes for 08 Apr 2016


Agenda for 18 March 2016

1) Readiness of Brahmaputra on ARM Fuel Deployment

2) Status of FuncTest

3) Next Steps




Agenda for 11 March 2016

1) Fuel Deployment Readiness for Brahmaputra SR 1

2) Functest status for SR 1

3) Yardstick status for SR 1

4) Wrap up

Minutes for 11 March 2016


Minutes (text):


No Meeting March 4 due to travel

Minutes for 02 March 2016

Meeting focused on completing the Fuel 8 port to ARM that is all but complete in successfully provisioning a 5 node HA cluster with base Brahmaputra components, Getting Functest and then YardStick running and release notes completed for the march 24 SR1 release.

No meetings 26 Feb dues to MWC

Agenda for 19 Feb 2016
1) Pharos Lab readiness for Brahmaputra Functest
2) Armband status and plannig for B- SR1


Minutes (text):


Agenda for 12 Feb 2016
1) Brahmaputra main release date and Stability Release date (SR1)
2) Armband status and planning for B- SR1


Minutes (text):


Minutes for 05Feb 2016

Minutes (text):


Agenda for 29 Jan 2016
1) Brahmaputra Code Freeze and Plan
2) Fuel build/porting status

Minutes for 29Jan2016


Minutes (text):


Minutes for 22 Jan 2016

Minutes (text):

<collabot> Log:

Agenda for 08 January 2016
#1) Pharos Lab Status

  1. Getting to a 4 node cluster
  2. working on Fuel in parallel
  3. Functest progress

#2) ARM build images

#3) Wrap Up

Agenda for 17 December 2015

#1) Pharos Lab Status

#2 ) Committers vote

#3) Wrap Up

IRC Log and Minutes are found at:

Agenda for 10 December 2015
#1) Agenda Bashing

#2) Pharos Lab Status- Joe Kidder

#3) Old Action Items- Need Enea Committers list

#4) Wrap-Up

Meeting Summary and IRC discussion Log are included below:

Agenda for 04 December
#1) Agenda Bashing

#2) Pharos Lab Ramping Status

#3) Old action items- Joe to name Enea Committers

#4) Brainstorm ideas for getting other B-release tasks started while waiting for Lab readiness

#5) Wrap Up

Meeting Summary and IRC discussion Log are included below:

No meeting 27 November due to US Thanksgiving holiday

Agenda for 20 November
#1) Agenda Bashing

#2) Pharos Lab Ramping Status

#3) Brainstorm ideas for getting other B-release tasks started while waiting for Lab readiness

#4) Wrap Up

Minutes for 20 November: Due to incorrect commands entered in IRC- No official archive. In line below is a manual cut n paste for IRC log

[07:03] <bob_> short agenda today
joe kidder giving update on Pharos lab

Discussing Fuel has been removing x86-isms from Fuel. Using a small 2 node pod for now until additional 3 servers arrive from supplier. will expand to 5 node within 2-3 weeks. Iben asks if this all being done in one team and could others join in. Joe indicates it is all in house yet- not sure how to open it up just yet. Iben asks if access to the process or code can be opened up for others to help.
Joe has to talk to his team internally but notes that the lab in not accessible to any external folks and also wants to balance slowing down internal initial steps with opening it up to external folks ...not quite ready yet.

Iben suggested that not necessarily wanting to get the code but could possibly see the process and logjams and give some advice
#action Joe to confer with internal team and see if they can benefit from having a meeting with a couple of external players

We discussed the limitation of these installers being tied to homogenous distro on the nodes. Michael R asked if Docker could help. Joe responded that Docker is not ready yet.

Bob noted that 3 more servers should be shipped any day. Bob will send Joe a status today if vendor replied.

functest status
Engineer is going thru the step functest
The first blocker is that the test wants to load an Intel specific binary blob called a cirros image to do a quick process check. his image can just be switched with something else

#action Joe kidder to open ticket to Functest team re: this change

Bob asked about Yardstick readiness?

Iben commented that all of the installers are now running Yardstick as well as Functest. Iben noted that other test projects like QTIP and VSPerf only apparently work on 1 lab and therefore may not make B -Release

Bob asks that any volunteers to help look at do discovery on Yardstick and Functest
Iben suggests that we need to get more labs up and running and have others trying to get Pharos running
Iben notes that if other labs are indeed trying to get up and running, we need to document that
#action bob to document the labs that are planning to get ARM servers up and running

Iben asked if we had discussed mixed mode pods .i.e x86 controllers and ARM compute nodes?
[Agenda for 23 September

#1) Agenda Bashing

#2) Project scoping for requirements and recruiting help with adding ARM support

  1. There is a table of identified projects marked yes, No , Maybe as to whether we currently think we must spedn cycles to meet the Brahmputra release
  2. The table is at
  3. Please take a look at this table and volunteer to take 1 or more projects to investigate, contact projects leads and ask questions of team members as to what we would need to do to support ARM servers in the project

#3) Installer investigation (Joe Kidder) - we have identified 2 key installers we should consider and they seem to be aligned with certain linux distributions- Fuel (Ubuntu) and Apex (Foreman) (CentOS)

#4) Pharos Lab conformance for ARM server Pods. We are seeking members familiar with Pharos and Bob will join the meeting this week to begin enquiring as to what we need to do to operate a Pharos compliant lab. Discussion and input needed in the meeting.

#4) Misc open floor and wrap up



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