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Discuss integrating ovs-dpdk, kvmfornfv, baremeter, yardstick, vsperf into Compass4nfv in Euphrates and feature releases. 

Meeting Info:

  • Weekly on Thursday at 1:00 am - 2:00 am UTC time (Wendesday at 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST time) 
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-compass4nfv
  • Zoom link:

May 31 & June 7 2018 ( Cancelled because ETSI plug test and OPNFV Plugfest )

May 17 2018




Gambia development progress

  • Gambia scenarios discussion: ramamani yeleswarapu suggest add "barometer" and "stor4nfv" scenarios, and stor4nfv team is working for opensds integrating with OpenStack, if it is ready, new scenario "os-nosdn-stor4nfv" will be add. forrest zhu has summited a patch for opencontrail integrating with k8s, HU Xinhui suggest to add "k8s-ocl" in Gambia.
  • Queens upgrade: ramamani yeleswarapu has finished Queens upgrade via openstack-ansible, the next step is to upgrade compass-containers to support openstack Queens.
  • K8s 1.9 ARM support: Yibo Cai 's patch failed in Compass database setup, Harry Huang said he knew the issue, try to address it today. Yibo Cai's patch in releng
    conflict with other patch, wutianwei will help to fix it. Patch link:
  • Harbor support: HU Xinhui has raise the patch for support Harbor integration, it is a simple case for support Harbor running in single node, he plan to provide an ansible scripts to support HA-mode Harbor deployment in next month.

PTL election vote

  • Harry Huang  accepted the nomination of Compass4nfv PTL, so the vote starts in Gerrit and will close at May 21. 
  • vote link 

Intern recruitment

  • Harry Huang said there is one half-time intern who is interesting with Compass web development, so Justin chi suggest that intern can start working with Compass team, because Gambia release has started.

May 3 2018


  • Legacy items
  • Fraser recap
  • Gambia progress
    • Queen upgrade
    • K8s 1.9 ARM support
    • Harbor support
  • PTL election progress
  • Intern recruitment update



Legacy items

  1. COMPASS-595 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Tianwei has submitted a patch to fix this issue.
  2.  There is 2 issues blocking patches merged into master.
    1. lxc-hosts-setup issue (blocking tianwei's patch and rama's patch) log detailed in
    2. vping testcase (blocking yibo'patch and zhichao's patch) log detailed in
  • wutianwei  contacts functest team to address the issues in blocking patch verification.

Fraser recap

  1. Justin thanks everyone for their contibution in Compass4nfv Fraser release, including 
    1. Rama bring new scenaios of barometer and stor4nfv. 
    2. Yibo bring Kubernetes running on ARM, 
    3. Xinhui bring K8s on X86 baremetal. 
    4. Yifei bring SDN and SFC scenarios in Fraser.
    5. Harry made compass-core containerized and move them to OPNFV new repo.
    6. Wutianwei clear all the issues blocking in Compass jenkins job.

Gambia progress

  1. Rama has raised patch for compass tasks update, and deployment is still failing in rama's environment, it failed in Ceph-mon container, but yifei test it works in his environment, Rama will check with Yifei to find a solution.
  2. Yibo has test K8s 1.9 deployment in centos, it works well. For K8s 1.9 deployment on Ubuntu is still development. With help of Tianwei,  the centos/ubuntu images for ARM has been uploaded into OPNFV artifacts.

PTL election

  1. Justin is still connecting some inactive committers, some of them have given reply, because they are no time on OPNFV, will step down as committers. some of them no reply, Justin will remove them according the rules of committer removal.

Contribution tutorials

  1. Justin introduced that how to submit a new patch for a new comer, Yingyun give a feedback that there is similar with OpenStack patch contribuition progress.

April 26 2018


  • Legacy items
  • Fraser release
  • Gambia progress
  • PTL election plan
    1. remove inactive committers (before May 3)
    2. PTL candidates (before May 10)
    3. Vote for PTL election (before May 17)
  • Contribution tutorials
    1. Git and Gerrit tutorials
    2. Gerrit workflow
    3. Mailling list



Legacy items

  1. Deployment issue in Jenkins for barometer scenarios:  ramamani yeleswarapu has checked it in her local virtual environment ,it success. but it failed in bare metal pod in Jenkins. it is a probabilistic issue.
  2. Issue in nods-nofeature: wutianwei  has checked it, it also probabilistic issue for bare metal pod, different reason for each deployment.
  3. COMPASS-595 - Getting issue details... STATUS  it is a issue for tempest issue for support https api. Adding backlist for workaround in Fraser release, it is required submit patch in tempest to fix it in upstream.

Fraser release

  1. Patch required in Fraser branch,  ramamani yeleswarapu has tested it in local for k8s-nofeature scenario, it worked, and will test for stor4nfv scenario. if it work, the patch will be merged skipping patch verification.
  2. Justin chi will add Fraser tag after patch merged.
  3. Yibo Cai 's patch for ARM docker image update will merged after Fraser final release, including the patch in releng

Gambia progress

  1. Yibo Cai has upgrade K8s 1.9 in ARM support, after local verification, the patches will be merged in Gambia.
  2. ramamani yeleswarapu 's patch for OpenStack patch Queen upgrade has been submitted, Yifei Xue has tested it local,  Queen deployment is successful. network.yaml need to be update for Queen upgrade, ramamani yeleswarapu will update it.
  3. ramamani yeleswarapu needs to propose another patch to build the compass-tasks-osa image for master branch.
  4. wutianwei  said it is very hard to add deployment verification for compass-containers, Justin chi will try to get help from others.
  5. HU Xinhui will try to add single Harbor node in next week.

PTL election plan

  1. remove inactive committers (before May 3)
    1. follow the rules Committer Removal to remove inactive committers before PTL election.
  2. PTL candidates (before May 10)
    1. Any committer who is interesting for leading the Compass in G and H release, can nominate himself as PTL candidate, please mail to Justin chi.
  3. Vote for PTL election (before May 17)
    1. final vote will be at May 17.

Contribution tutorials(Skipping)

April 19 2018


  • Items left from last meeting
  • Fraser 6.0 status
    • Release pushed out by a week: Final documentation - April 25, JIRA cleanup - April 26, release - April 27
  • Gambia release discuss
  • Intern recruitment progress



Items left from last meeting

  • There are still failed in Barometer and Nosdn-nofeature scenarios,
  1. the issue for barometer is failing in grafana installation, that seems a random issue.
  2. the issue for nosdn-nofeature is falling in setup-host.
  • No updates for Functest testcases failed COMPASS-595 
  • Yibo Cai submit the patch add K8s on Ubuntu support and merged. 
  • Yibo Cai submit the patches for K8s upgrading to 1.9.3 in ARM support and moving Compass docker containers(ARM) into OPNFV docker hub, welcome to review

Fraser 6.0 status

Fraser release pushed out by a week, still have one more week for Fraser issue resolved.

  1. Final documentation - April 25, 
  2. JIRA cleanup - April 26, 
  3. release - April 27

Gambia plan discussion

Compass4nfv Gambia release plan

ramamani yeleswarapu has started OpenStack queen upgrade, there is good progress.

Support Harbor, Kolla, OpenStack-helm, Web enable will be the key features in Compass Gambia release plan. Compass will support offline-deployment via Harbor, support containerized OpenStack deployment on Bare-metal via Kolla, Support Containerized OpenStack deployment on Kuberneters via OpenStack-helm. 

HU Xinhui raised a requirement of Centos 7 as a new choice of JumpServer. there is also a JIRA  COMPASS-580 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to track it.

Anyone is welcomed to claim the tasks in Compass4nfv Gambia release plan,  and raised new requirements for Compass4nfv Gambia.

Intern recruitment update

Harry Huang give a update for intern recruitment progress. Two candidates have been interviewed in last week, one of them is eligible. there is the still a candidate, the final intern is still not decided.


April 12 2018


Fraser release status:

  • CI status
  • JIRA Functest testcase faild

COMPASS-595 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • JIRA list for Fix Version: 6.0

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • Documentation

Gambia release Plan

Compass4nfv Gambia release plan

Intern recruitment progress

Intern Project: Web UI development

New contributors introduce

Zhicai Zhu

Yingyu Xie


  • Fraser release status

Jenkins CI status

  • Barometer scenarios deployment failed, not in barometer plugin deployment, failed in setup_host, wutianwei will check it.

  • Nosdn-nofeather scenarios deployment failed, failed in compass db create, Harry Huang has fixed it yesterday, please check the fix result.

  • Functest testcases failed,  wutianwei will check it after meeting.

COMPASS-595 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Gambia Release plan
  • Intern recruitment progress

Harry introduces the progress of intern recruitment and also received 3 applications, on-line interview will be conducted in this month.

All of candidates are colleges, a deveplement plan for 3 months(full-time) or 6 months(half-time) should be discussed after interview.

  • New contributors introduce

Zhichao zhu joins Compass from Fiberhome, having development  experience in OpenStack, Opendaylight, K8s, open contrail.

Yingyu Xie joins Compass from Fiberhome, having development experience in OpenStack, especially in Neutron.

others introduce himself to new-comers

Welcome on boarding!

Mar 15 2018



- MileStone6 status

- Plans for the next release


- Test-case currently fails in CI


- What do we know about XCI related changes in Compass for next release?



- The MS6 requirements include preliminary documentation and test cases implementation. For now Qiaowei has merged the documentation. There is no test case for stor4nfv scenario for now. Qiaowei will discuss with Shane whether they need to apply an exception or postpone this into next release.

- For next release, Stor4nfv project needs to add test cases first, integrate with OpenStack deployment and push into XCI project. We will have a detail discussion in another meeting of release plan.


- Test-case currently fails in CI due to the test case of barometer is only implemented for Apex installer which is hard coded in barometer's repo.

- Yifei suggested Rama take what have done for SFC test cases as a reference, and Yifei will go through the code with Rama next week, then Rama can update the compass adpter in releng project to make it works with barometer.


- To integrate features into XCI project, we need to understand the integration framework of XCI. Tianwei will investigate on this and response us.

- Compass will not change to use upstream master branches due to lack of resources.


- Rama has been nominated as committer of Compass project.

- More features are welcome to be integrated into compass project.

Mar 8, 2018


Current Status (Stor4nfv in Compass):

-   Barometer test cases were added to Compass Functest CI by releng

-   Stor4nfv plugin integration is done

-   Errors when creating nginx (please see attached)


Meeting Agenda:


-   Discuss post-deploy testing errors

-   Doc updates, Functest for Stor4nfv - MileStone6


Mar 1 2018


Fraser Release:

- Double-check Fraser Scenario Status page


- Go over what is left for MS5.0 goals

- Discuss post-deploy testing issues with csi-provisioner pod

- Doc updates


- Update Barometer docs/release notes (


- Discuss Functest and Compass jobs


Stor4nfv plugin and testing in noHA and HA scenarios (Done) Rama

Enable CSI plugin for Stor4nfv (Done) Yifei

Enable NBP for CSI in Stor4nfv plugin (Patch on Gerrit) Rama. Yifei will review and merge this patch. 

Team reviewed the Fraser status page, that most of the scenarios are ready and acieve the goals of MS 5.0

Need to add noha CI jobs for barometer scenario, Tianwei will help to do this.

Justin will update the Fraser scenario status page

Rama will email Leon and Qiaowei to discuss the post-deploy testing issues with csi-provisioner pod

Yifei will talk with Qiaowei about the release documentation of stor4nfv

Rama will work on the release note of barometer in compass

Yifei will ask help from Linda Wang about enabling testcases of barometer for compass installer, and will also CC Rama and Qiaowei in the mailing list

Need further discussion about plugins for XCI

Feb 21 2018(Chaired by Yifei Xue


Current Status:
- K8s plugin mock testing (Done) Rama
- Standalone script testing (Done) Rama
- K8s upgrade (Done) Xinhui
- Mapping Roles, Stor4nfv plugin testing in Compass (WIP) Rama

- MS5.0 goals

o Can we target noHA for Fraser6.0?

o Can we target HA for Fraser6.1?

o Do you think we can target both?

- OpenSDS integration: playbook failures (current status)

o Ceph issues (To Do)

o Validation using Stor4nfv README

- CSI plugin integration (To Do)

o What needs to be done here for MS5.0?

- Is noHA k8s scenario deploy fixed?


Rama introduced the current status of stor4nfv integration and some issues during integration. The progress is blocked in ceph installation.

Leon explained some important configurations in osdsdb.yml and local.hosts

According to Leon's explaination, Rama will update the configurations and test the deployment again.

Yifei will work on how to enable CSI plugin in k8s for stor4nfv scenario.

Yifei will contack Xinhui to make sure the noHA scenario is OK ASAP.

Rama will follow the device creation in OpenStack deployment and reuse it in k8s deployment to get over the ceph installation.

After disscussion, we are still going to catch MS5.0

Feb 15 2018

(Canceled by Chinese New Year)

Feb 8 2018


- Status on the changes related to k8s upgrade to 1.9

- Discuss configuring K8s local cluster with CSI
(Compass installs K8s using Ansible; where do we set these:
ALLOW_PRIVILEGED=true FEATURE_GATES=CSIPersistentVolume=true,MountPropagation=true RUNTIME_CONFIG="" LOG_LEVEL=5)

- Fill the table below with rest of the sub-projects, roles and pods (for opensds, ceph, etc):

- Are we ready for MS5 as we still need to define, integrate, configure and test?

- Feature complete in Compass
- Rama will post a patch update to cover the container tag and two comments in patch #50953



Feb 1 2018



Current status of k8s scenario deployment

Discuss how/where stor4nfv roles are assigned to hosts

Discuss if stor4nfv’s 2 ansible scripts would be run by kargo?

Helm charts? (Shobha)


Patch review


There is a conflict between k8s deployment and osa deployment now. Xinhui Hu is working to fix this. Once it's ready, Yifei will email Rama.

Leon will update the store4nfv wiki page to add how to configure the inventory file of describing the roles.

Rama will create a sore4nfv role to call the ansible scripts from store4nfv repo in the integration.

Rama's two patches are ready. Yifei needs to review and merge them after the meeting.

Yifei will propose a patch to add a directory for k8s plugins.

Jan 25 2018


Store4NFV integration discussion

Dockerized barometer integration:

Patch review

Move grafana and influxdb dockers from compute nodes to control nodes


Yifei has proposed some comments on Rama's patch. Rama will update a patch set3 to hit these comments.

Shobha and Rama mention that Justion would like to use Option2 in last meeting. Yifei will check this with Justin and find a best one for compass.

OpenSDS requires installation on Ubuntu. Yifei will check the status of k8s running on ubuntu deployed by compass and then response to Rama.

Leon and Qiaowei introduce more details about Option1 and Option3. And summerized 3 steps for Store4NFV integration:

Stor4NFV team finish the opensds ansible script (green one) to deploy opensds controller and ceph together. (Already done)

Stor4NFV team finish opensds ansible script (red one) to deploy some northbound plugins to integrate with k8s. (Working on it)

Compass team finish k8s install work and import those two scripts above to run e2e scenario.

Jan 18 2018


- Where can we find the link to Leon’s presentation from last week?  

- Which option was decided for OpenSDS: option1 or option3?

- How to integrate the repo in compass installer?

Jan 11 2018


Upcoming Milestones on Jan 15th, Feb 2nd

Stor4NFV - which Milestone(s) to target for OpenSDS, etcd and Ceph?

Barometer Container – Feb 2nd?

For integrating the Barometer container, any Docker version issues we need to be aware of?


Leon introduced OpenSDS, describe the detail how to integrate OpenSDS with Kubernetes

Leon introduced 3 options to integrate Open SDS, option1 is the most stable one, option2 requires kubernates 1.9

Compass will try option1 and option3.

Yifei reported the status of MS 3.1. The bug has been fixed and the CI is back to normal now.

MS3.2 is being targeted for SDN scenarios. MS5 is being targeted for feature scenarios.

Due to the conflict between LXC and docker, so Yifei sugested Rama running influxdb and grafana container on compute nodes first.

After the next week, Rama and Yifei will build a tmate session to work for the dockerized barometer integration.

Jan 4 2018


Find out the status of last two weeks of store4nfv

Integration plan for store4nfv

Integration plan for dockerized Barometer


Justin participated Stor4nfv meeting last two weeks, and discuss with Shane team how to integrate stor4nfv into Compass4nfv.

 introduced the Stor4NFV Architecture and the functionality of some major components including OpenSDS, Ceph and SPDK

 Compass already has a disscussion with store4nfv team. And the integration work has been started. 

 Compass needs to integrate OpenSDS, Ceph and SPDK will be integrated by OpenSDS. Leon from Stor4nfv has start integrating Ceph via ceph-ansible into OpenSDS, still in working progress.

 Rama ask why use K8s to replace OpenStack with Stor4nfv integration. Justin suggest try to OpenSDS will be integrated into K8s first, will check more with Leon about integration with OpenStack(OpenStack Pike Supported, Checked with Leon), so integrating OpenSDS with either K8s or OpenStack is fine.

Justin plan to have a F2F meeting (maybe on next Monday)with Shane's team to discuss the detailed plan for Stor4nfv integration work.

Compass team will fix the deployment issue (which will lead to the deployment failure at a high probability) first before Jan 15t. And after the issue is fixed, Yifei will work with Rama to start the intergation with dockerized barometer.


F2F team with Stor4nfv to discuss integration plan and send mintues to Shabha's team. Justin chi

Check OpenSDS whether support integrating with OpenStack Pike. Justin chi

Invetigate OpenSDS installation and try to configurate it manually with K8s or OpenStack ramamani yeleswarapu

Fix OpenStack Pike deployment issue Yifei XueHarry Huang

Dec 14 2017


1. Merge these two patches 

2. Review doc update for Compass in Barometer:

3. Review patch to support run Barometer in Huawei-pod1 and Huawei-pod2

Nov 23 2017


1. No debian packages from Barometer team for Euphrates 2.0 release. Their recommendation is to continue using the packages from
2. Patch #44943 was tested on Pod15 and deploy was successful; functest api-check failed. Samething on gerrit. Discuss this issue.
3. Remaining items for Barometer patch merge:

a. Update patch with stable/pike repo for

b. Need to test with OpenStack Pike (when this patch merges:

c. Enable collectd-aodh-plugin.conf (similar to gnocchi conf).

d. Enable a few other collectd plugins per Barometer team’s requirement: ovs_stats, hugepages, virt, mcelog, cpufreq, cpusleep, numa (similar to configuring gnocchi: copy the conf files to /etc/collectd/collectd.conf.d and possibly change some of the params in those files).


Will use the current packages until the dockerized Barometer finished

Because functest has change their master to satisfy openstack pike, so Rama needs to start a new patch to stable/euphrates, and Yifei will send her the commands to do that after the meeting

Dec15 is not for feature projects on master, so update the patch on master is not at a high priority, we can do it after the euphrates 2.0 finished.

Rama will test the Barometer plugin with OpenStack pike locally

After E2.0, Rama will add some new plugins for collectd, this will be similar with what has been done in gnocchi plugin

Nov 16 2017


Status update of Barometer scenario

How to use a docker image for collectd in compass4nfv

Patch builds on gerrit – Jenkins CI


Status update of Barometer scenario

Rama made the os-nosdn-bar-noha working on the Pod as post_openstack install.

Currently the collectd-gnocchi connection work is done manually and the metrics can come to gnocchi from collectd.

Need to translate the manual work to automatic scripts. The main problem now is how to get the ceilometer configuration file, Rama will talk with Yifei after meeting

Shobha is still closing the loop with barometer team lead on this item from last meeting: (Discusss Barometer scenarios Release version Fraser or Euphrates 2.0), will get result before this weekend.

How to use a docker image for collectd in compass4nfv

Barometer team is working on create a container that has collectd and all the barometer dependencies installed, and push this docker image to the opnfv docker hub. Then the installers Apex and Compass to pull down this container image, configure and launch it on the compute nodes.

For this, compass need to add docker engine on compute nodes

The docker image for ubuntu is not ready now (it is still not clear if it is ready)

Yifei suggested that we can use this image in Frazer release

If the docker is ready, the barometer scenario integration will be more easier

Patch builds on gerrit – Jenkins CI

During the past few days, there are some issues in functest and releng. All of these issues have been fixed by yesterday, however there are a lot of patched to be verified, so the CI is very crowded. Rama's patch is still on the queue.

F2F talk during plugfest

Shobha is planning to be there on DEc 4th,5th 6th

Justin will be there at almost the same time

Justin will have a F2F meeting with Shoba, Rama, etc.


Rama will send the manual instructions to Yifei

Yifei will talk with Rama about the problems

Need to add docker support on compute nodes

Shobha team will provide barometer docker images materials to introduce how to configure or set parameters

Nov 9 2017


Functional completeness of Barometer in Compass4nfv
a) Discuss adding collectd-ceilometer plugin (
b) Discuss configuring collectd to connect with Ceilometer/Gnocchi via config options/auth endpoints
c) Identify what else is missing

Barometer offline deployment is pass on Rama’s lab system(ignoring ‘collectd-dev’)
a) Discuss version suppression

Info: Barometer team will be pushing a docker image with collectd (& dependencies) to OPNFV docker hub. No specifics available on timeline.

Discusss Barometer scenarios Release version
a) Fraser or Euphrates 2.0

Compass new git repo(moving compass dockers into OPNFV docker hub)


Install  collectd-ceilometer plugin

For online deployment, just git clone the plugin's code and run "python install" to install it in compute nodes

For offline deployment, git clone the plugin's code and the build the python package of this repo and also download its dependencies in the repo container

Collectd communicates with ceilometer/gnocchi

Authentication file (openrc) which stores the authentication info can be found in such places:

compass-tasks docker container: /root/openrc

all of the LXCs running OpenStack services: /root/openrc

all of the compute nodes: /root/openrc

Barometer will be installing in post-openstack phase, at that time the openrc file has been generated.

While installing the plugin, we can use shell command "source" or "cat" to read the openrc file, and then use ansible "register" module to store the authentication info.

The gnocchi endpoint URLs can be achieved by running "openstack endpoint list | grep gnocchi" in the LXC named utility

Version suppression

John suggested to talk to the developers, seems this is an upsteam problem

Yifei will talk more about this after meeting with Rama

Barometer scenarios Release version

Yifei suggested trying to make Barometer scenario catch up Euphrates 2.0

David suggested Shoba to check with Maram

Compass new git repo

Because compass has changed the repo location of containerized compass components, Justin announced this and the KVM and Barometer related configuration for offline deployment in F release should be add to the new repo.

The new repo is addressed in opnfv git repository named compass-containers

VPN to access Huawei vpod

Tianwei has sent the VPN files to Shoba but it is blocked by intel firewall

Tianwei will send it to Shoba's private email address

Action Items
a) wutianwei  will send it to Shoba's private email address

b) Rama and Yifei Xue discuss more details about the version suppression after meeting

MeetBot Minutes:

Nov 2 2017


Meeting time discussion

Go through Barometer patch

Problem of KVM offline deployment

Intel pod15 is offline for an upgrade


1. Meeting time will change from next meeting( Nov. 9)
a) Daylight Saving Time in Unite States is over in this weekend.
b) The new meeting time is,2643743,5393015&h=1816670&date=2017-11-9&sln=9-10
Thursday at 01:00-02:00 UTC, November 09, 2017
Thursday at 09:00-10:00 Beijing, November 09, 2017
Wednesday at 17:00-18:00 PDT, November 08, 2017

2. How does offline/online works in terms of code path?
a) Define two different variables for online and offline deployment in roles/vars
b) Justin and Yifei will discuss how to simply support online and offline deployment(less variable definitions, more effective).
3. Online testing for barometer+compass image
a) Barometer dependency packages works on Ubuntu 14.04(trusty), need to find dependency packages on Ubuntu 16.04
b) Barometer can start online testing first. Patchset is updated, patch verification will be trigged on Jenkins jobs, deployment log will be shown in output of jenkins.
4. Yifei’s changes for kvm repo as part of offline kvm scenario
a) Rama’s local environment build issue will not block offline-deployment, because compass will load repo docker image from local environment if repo image is not built in compass.tar.gz.
b) KVM offline deployment is pass on Rama’s vPOD(ignoring the building error).
c) How to add Packages to #link
5. Huawei Lab access for Intel team

Action Items
a) Shobha provide a list of people who need Huawei’ lab resources. wutianwei provide VPN access to them.
b) Justin chi and Yifei Xue update instructions to simply support online and offline deployment

MeetBot Minutes:

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