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Dovetail Team Meetings

Meeting Info

  • Weekly Technical Discussion on Friday Wednesday at 14:00-15:00 UTC (6:00-7:00AM Pacific Time)
    • Please note the meeting is changing to Wednesday in the same time slot
  • IRC channel: IRC channel: #opnfv-dovetail@ Freenode (Web Chat)
  • Chaired by hongbo
  • agenda, details and previous meeting minutes below

Intro & Rules

Meeting agendas and minutes are kept below. If you would like to add an item to the agenda, please insert it into the appropriate meeting agenda (upcoming) and inform the chair. Please do NOT change past meeting minutes, if you believe there is an inaccuracy, please inform the chair.( as agreed by the dovetial meeting, the minutes will be recorded by the IRC,Jan 13)

Upcoming Meetings

Feb 14, 2018

  • ONS update
  • Committer promotions
  • Euphrates release scope
  • Fraser release scope
  • Consistency of test cases


Past Meetings

  • Jan 31, 2018

  • Jan 24, 2018
  • Jan 19, 2018
    • Team Logistics
      • Potential Dovetail weekly meeting change - change to Wednesday only has one objection currently
      • Gerrit - use Dovetail Team group for broad reviews of core changes moving forward
    • Euphrates release
      • Begin integration of Euphrates Functest & Yardstick containers - use master and update Dovetail conf file to pull new dependent containers
      • Update on Yardstick test cases - drop 57 from consideration - focus on 25, 56, 58
      • Functest-features - leverage new test cases for sdnvpn
      • Drafting test specifications: Yardstick HA, Functest smoke, sdnvpn
        • Begin drafting for test areas targeted for Fraser and beyond: NFVI performance (determine consensus after skeleton draft), VNF lifecycle stability
      • Confirm relaxing strict API checking in Tempest and discuss patch - form broader perspective before adding patch 
    • ONAP VNF SDK Integration
      • Creating project with container artifact similar to Yardstick
      • Will establish further cross-team communication channels 
    • Dovetail 1.0.0 (OVP 2018.01)
      • Walkthrough of landing page, web portal and documents
        • Online 'participation form' - please note terminology change from 'application form'
        • External landing page -
        • Review release notes before patch submission
        • Waiting on OPNFV marketing for final program/legal doc links (Governance + T&C) to finalize OVP portal revision and release notes
        • Launch next week (hopefully)
      • Resubmit process for first wave of OVP graduates
    • Preferred Labs
      • Discuss overall meaning and tightening of qualifications in upcoming C&C meeting
    • Minutes:
  • Jan 12, 2018
    • Strict API checking in Tempest - Georg/Eddy
      • Agreed to consider relaxing strict checking in Euphrates release assuming community has no objection 
    • Continue discussion on Euphrates scope and timing
      • Content - discuss feasibility 
        • 4 HA Yardstick tests cases discussed in Dec 15 Dovetail meeting (25, 56, 57, 58)
        • Functest Euphrates
          • functest-smoke 
            • Tiers: refstack-defcore, tempest_smoke_serial, rally_sanity, snaps_smoke
            • Identified some new test cases from tempest_smoke_serial and snaps_smoke
          • functest-vnf
            • Tiers: cloudify_ims, orchestra_openims, or orchestra_clearwaterims
            • Cloudify & OpenBaton orchestrators / Clearwater & OpenIMS VNF
            • Discuss if cloudify_ims can be employed as a use-case test scenario 
        • Bottlenecks / VNF lifecycle stability - probably a long-shot for an E-release
      • Framework - discuss priority 
        • Decoupling of test content from framework to support dev testing and other LFN communities/projects
        • Improved test execution - see new JIRA ticket - DOVETAIL-581
          • Object clean-up/deletion for failed test runs
        • Config file unification and/or interactive generator
        • Improved summary reporting
        • Debug tools - tracing to monitor system messaging and object creation
    • Reviewed outstanding Dovetail 1.0.0 (OVP 2018.01) release deliverables - please approve outstanding Gerrit patches
    • Minutes:
  • Jan 5, 2018
  • Dec 29, 2017
    • Cancelled
  • Dec 22
    • Holiday meeting schedule - skip Dec 29th and resume Jan 5th
    • Introduced Jack Chan - OVP portal developer 
    • Reviewed ongoing technical issues
      • Wind River - discussion on tempest test cases where schemas do strict checking of additional metadata added to REST messages. Currently 'additionalProperties' is set to false in tempest schemas, which causes some test cases to fail
    • Amdocs ONAP VNF conformance / Dovetail integration PoC - Bruce T provided overview
    • Update on Dovetail / OPNFV Installer CI jobs - Xudan - added to both Daisy/Fuel jobs
    • Dovetail 1.0.0 (OVP 2018.01) release deliverables 
      • Georg made changes in documentation for the CVP to OVP naming change
      • Put release notes into master and cherry pick to stable/danube
    • Euphrates release scope and timing - Framework, Functest, Yardstick HA
      • Bottlenecks / VNF lifecycle stability - begin methodology work
      • Consider tracing capability for framework
      • Discussed a possible March release for Euphrates with limited scope 
    • Minutes:
  • Dec 15

Mika Rautakumpu


  • Review any ongoing technical issues 
  • Dovetail 1.0.0 (OVP 2018.01) release planning 
    • Git branching/versioning update
    • OVP portal home page updates
    • Release notes

·         OPNFV installer SUT testing strategy per release

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