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  1. Develop clear messaging to establish and reinforce OPNFV relevance and unique role in the Industry to address challenges with integrating, deploying, testing, managing Edge Cloud. 
    • Provide a unified view of OPNFV Edge activities to help projects collaborate and avoid duplication
    • Maintain an "Edge dashboard" or equivalent tool to track progress and community artifacts for Edge
    • Consider publishing a White Paper and/or joint conference sessions highlighting collaboration with upstream projects
    • Develop a roadmap of Edge announcement/s (ONS in September?)

  2. TSC to actively encourage and facilitate OPNFV Edge activities with strong developer focus (beyond requirements and use-case analysis)
    • Need a code base for developers to work on and focus community effort
    • Need an installer strategy for Edge Cloud deployment (Compass?)

  3. Establish strong collaboration with relevant upstream communities and Edge related Industry activities
    • EdgeCloud has already established a working relationship with Open Stack Edge Computing Group (note this is being merged with FEMDC) and is exploring collaboration with Keystone and Glance
    • Explore collaboration with StarlingX as upstream ingredient for first Edge scenario
    • Collaborate with StarlingX, Airship, OpenStack Computing Group, etc. for Pharos spec. additions

  4. Solicit feedback from EUAG for validating approach and tracking progress

  5. Deliver at least one Edge Cloud scenario for Gambia (consider both NFV and non-NFV use-cases)
    • Pharos Edge spec (first iteration, multi-architecture) 
    • Edge test cases 

  6. OVP (Compliance Program) 
    • Develop profile of Edge platform capabilities
    • Develop set of Edge relevant test cases based to test against commercial platforms
    • Include Edge test-cases in release after Gambia

  7. Pharos
    • Expand Pharos spec to n Edge flavors 
      • OpenStack Edge Computing group - 1) small, 2) medium
      • Airship 1) Minimal (fully embedded), 2) small DC (enterprise edge, Access level CO/DC with limited space and power), 3) large (Metro level CO/DC)
      • StarlingX 1) EdgeSX 2) Edge 3) Core
      • etc.
    • Definitions and terminology ... expand PDF?
    • Support heterogeneous hardware within a POD
    • Investigate feasibility to adopt ENOS framework for simulating distributed clouds

8. Maintain list of perceived gaps in upstream projects wrt Edge and OPNFV activities contributing to resolving these gaps

9. Develop OPNFV position wrt ETSI MEC and how it maps to OPNFV

OPNFV Edge Cloud Activities


Project or activityEdge focus (e.g. ingredients, requirements, ...)

Edge scenarios / use-cases

Hardware aspectsTest framework. Edge specific test-cases.Upstream collaborationSuggestions
AutoONAP-based automation of VNF management with Edge Cloud use-case

Management of Edge Cloud


Compare power consumption of architectures

Functest initially only functional tests. Later include performance monitoring with ONAP Data Collection Analytics and Events

ONAP Edge automation

requirement analysis

architecture design

reference platform for edge

TBDis working with pharos for edge specific hardwareTBDopenstack EC WG
  • Begin on code development of reference platform
  • work out report and gap analysis for upstream communities
Container4NFVContainer4NFV provides basic CT feature for VNF, for example. It supports mutlus, DPDK, and SR-IOV.  In edge , container is the best tool which can reduce the resource usage. No In Container4NFV, we support x86 and ARM.  In order to accelerate data plane, containe4nfv support DPDK and SR-IOV. In future, we will support VPP.

Project specific testing for yardstick.

 test the network performance ,including DPDK, SR-IOV and VPP. 

but not specific for edge

  • cross project collaboration with the edge cloud project and AUTO to work out edge scenario taking consideration of container management

Concluding the MEC applications for radio access network, exploring the deployment proposal  for MEC and 5G CU. For the specific design.


  • start project work asap (mailing list discussion, regular project call, release planning, and etc.)
  • provide CRAN requirement for edge, e.g. acceleration
CloverEdge is a scenario for cloud native support. Focus is on service mesh (micro-services) using containers managed by Kubernetes.5G low latency services, AR/VR, IoTSelect edge devices, will contribute an edge pod to Pharos (with K8S and container support).Extend CI to zero-touch continuous deployment. Developing Edge test cases for various Cloud Native test tools. Planning performance testing.

ONAP ( pending discussion), k8s, CNCF

  • Collaborate with EdgeCloud to contribute micro-services use-case and requirements.
  • Contribute Edge POD definition to Pharos spec.
VCO Demo 2.0 (Is a PoC, not run as a project)Central Office Edge. Mobile network access (vRAN) and scope includes virtualized mobile core network components. "Learn by doing" approach and gap analysis using commercial and open source VNFs.A set of mobile network specific servicesUsing community contributed/supported hardware as demo, not on a Pharos POD. For future may use hardware from e.g. OCP, TIP, others?No edge specific test cases. Testing is not a focus.ONAP Casablanca (not committed to yet). Also Open Stack, ODL, k8s, OpenAirInterface
  • Collaborate with EdgeCloud to feed requirements, gaps and learnings.
  • Position for promoting OPNFV EdgeCloud activities and outputs
  • Consider EdgeCloud scenarios for design of VCO 3.0

Upstream Edge Cloud Activities

Survey of upstream Edge Cloud activities

UpstreamsEdge related activitiesuseful linkprogresscollaboration with OPNFVsuggestion for next step
ONAPEdge automation WG

Regular meetings

some discussion for vCPE and MEC

Edge automation working group focusing on Edge Cloud for Casablanca (3rd release Nov 15th) ... 1) Add hierarchical orchestration 2) Extend hardware platform awareness, Provide a way to select the best region to place dynamic apps

Not yet.

Hope the connection could be built with AUTO and Edge cloud project to address Orchestration issue of edge

  • Build connection through AUTO and edge cloud project
  • addresss edge orchestration issues in ONAP

Edge computing WG start in 2017

Fog/Edge/Massively Distributed Clouds SIG

(these two groups plan to combine)

Glance image handling in edge environment :

Keystone edge architectures:

white paper publish for edge from the EC WG

discussion of EC WG mainly focusing on security of edge, Keystone, Glance. Not to redesign OpenStack from scrach for edge, but to made certain modification to have openstack fit into edge

Collaboration activity is already underway with the OPNFV Edge Cloud project.
  • Enhance the collaboration following the deployment of EC WG and bring them back into OPNFV integration
  • Consider vCPE scenario from white paper.
  • Test Glance and Cinder Edge scenarios.
  • Appoint liason
Akraino (LFN)Fully integrated edge stack with production quality code and blue-prints including hardware specs.

Akraino 1.0 release definition, Blueprints definition, use cases .... brainstorm from May F2F

Mailing lists

Governance and membership/process structures WIP

Currently no seed code

Definition of deliverables are WIP ... "blueprints", developer APIs, middleware (SDKs), ETSI MEC functions and APIs

OPNFV has mature CI/CD Infra, test frameworks and release engineering tools/process which could be leveraged by Akraino. OPNFV EdgeCloud is developing requirements which could be consumed by Akraino.

Akraino help define OPNFV Edge Cloud scenarios and Pharos Edge flavors (from Blueprints).

Monitor progress and evaluate collaboration opportunities once Akraino roadmap is clear.

  • Appoint OPNFV liason to Akraino helps inform and facilitate collaboration with regular report back to TSC
  • Proposal to provide lab, test resources?
  • Host Akraino scenario for a release?
Airship (OSF)ATT "Oceans" seed code for deployment of "under cloud"

OSF project, still forming, some seed code available

Monitor for now and reevaluate opportunities for collaboration once project is established.

Consider site definitions (from ATT) for Pharos Edge spec
StarlingX (OSF)Wind River Titanium Cloud R5 seed code. project announced recently at Open Stack Summit. Wind River Titanium Cloud is seed code.Possible collaboration to deploy StarlingX as an Edge scenario in OPNFV.Consider Wind River Titanium deployment flavors for Edge POD definition.
Open Edge Compute Initiative (OEC)Developing Open Edge API for 3rd party developers

Early stages, not much visible yet

OEC is setting up a “Living Edge Lab” real-world testbed for Edge Computing Investigate possible synergies with Pharos spec/lab and overlap of use-cases in OPNFV projects.

Monitor progress.
CORD (ONF)open reference implementation of central office  with commodity servers, white-box switches, open source software (e.g., OpenStack, ONOS, XOS)

Uses ONOS control plane for SDN and managing network components 

CORD profiles available for install:

Not evaluated sufficiently for recommendation. Evaluate synergy/overlap with vCO Demo 2.0?Assign responsibility for further investigation.
Kubernetes (CNCF)Automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications with the EdgeCloud project and AUTO to work out edge scenario taking consideration of container managementEdgeCloud and Auto to agree roles and next steps
EdgeXFoundry (LF)

IoT edge computing framework and and ecosystem of interoperable components that accelerates the
deployment of IoT solutions.

API framework for enabling IoT services at the Edge

Certification program plannedOpportunity for collaboration is not clear at this stage.Monitor progress. Investigate certification program.
Telecom Infra Project (TIP)Lab and field implementations for services/applications at the network edge

TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers hosted in the UK, Paris, Seoul and Germany.

TIP Community Labs are physical spaces that enable collaboration between member companies in a TIP project group to develop telecom infrastructure solutions

Not evaluated sufficiently for recommendation.Assign responsibility for further investigation.

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