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Old and new TSC members met informally during an Unconference session at ONS EU to discuss ideas about what the focus of the OPNFV TSC should be in the coming year.

  1. Release process
  2. CNWG
    1. test tools
    2. integration / automation
    3. establish k8s as the baseline
    4. LaaS is critical
  3. Packaging test tools (Heather Kirksey)
  4. CNF conformance testing (Heather Kirksey)
  5. Establish a definition of "cloud VNF" (Georg Kunz)
  6. Promote use of Network Service Benchmarking NSB (Emma Foley) (Note:  seeking clarification)
  7. Pharos (Tapio Tallgren)
    1. Consider more configurations besides the standard 6-server POD 
    2. Open the Pharos definition
    3. Pharos evolution
  8. PDF support (Wenjing Chu)
  9. Extend project test coverage (Ryota Mibu)
  10. Examine TSC process
    1. Example:  should we use gerrit for voting?
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