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February 11, 2020

    • REMINDER: EasyCLA goes live   David McBride
      • No white list:  Red Hat, Wind River
      • No CLA manager or white list:  Mirantis
    • Proposal to bulk terminate projects (criteria: 0 check-ins in past 6 months). List provided and reviewed prior to acceptance of proposal. Jim Baker   Time limit: 5 Min
      • Background e-mail. some projects on the list were already terminated, Cperf agreed to termination.
      • FYI - Termination == Archive on the Projects Directory page
      • Action at
      • #startvote Does the TSC approve the bulk termination of the following projects: Apex, Bootstrap/Get started, Compass4NFV, Cperf,  Daisy4NFV, DPACC, Genesis, HA for OPNFV, KVM, ONOSFW, OVNO, SDNVPN, SNAPS-OO, VES? (+1,0,-1)
    • 2020 community election process call for updates in the May/June timeframe Jim Baker   Time limit: 5 Min
      •  Process must be approved by end of March
      • Proposal to reduce OPNFV TSC headcount Jim Baker   
        • OPNFV is smaller, reduce TSC - propose 9 member TSC?
  • Decisions
    • Minutes approved.
    • Vote: Allow PTL Git Branch Creation vote passed.
    • EasyCLA goes live , report problems to helpdesk.
    • Bulk termination proposal passes.  Jim Bakerwill help manage archive and locking of git repositories.
    • 2020 community election process has two actions:
      • Email discussion on TSC size Jim Baker
      • Email discussion on TSC member eligibility
    • No plans for a point release of Iruya.
    • Request Jerma release discussion for next week.