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April 7, 2020



Non TSC Attendees

Quorum Requirements

15 Seats with 3 members absent: 12 seats so quorum is 7.

Discussion items

5 min


  • Al Morton forgot to Answer Role Call, but was present and chaired the meeting.
  • Election starts today
  • Seat is vacant until  
5mnAdditional Intern Proposals (Barometer) - needs TSC approval

Virtual Event in April (replacing the in person ONES NA):

Call for proposals/topics related to OPNFV

  • June event is confirmed to be virtual as well

OPNFV 2.0 Actions:   Work Progress Page       Agreements Capture Page

  • Proposal to ...
  • What's next?

Review OPNFV's overall process to respond to CNTT Requirements for April 20 Meetings

  • Need to continue with SHOULD coverage assessment summary.

TSC Review of Staffing Proposal to CNTT plus Field Trial Testing Plan and Staffing

  • Review with CNTT TSC this week.
  • Any tweaks are necessary, fit to projects and CNTT Roadmap (Rabi's suggestion)
  • Al Morton arranged a meeting with Rabi, Fu Qiao, Cedirc, Al, and Scott, Mark B and Jim to meet and cleanup resources needed for OPNFV and map them to CNTT roadmap.  Results
  • Request to state term of assignments
  • Testing is an ongoing process.
0minReview Outstanding Action Items belowNoted

Revised Release Process and Messaging -

  • Survey completed on Monday.  Results will be discussed next week.
  • Discussions began last week on documentation proposal.

Capture Objections to proposed process

Using Release meeting time slot to discuss opnfv docs evolution further (this month/April).

Likely Topic for April Virtual Meeting

  • OPNFV Project Reviews 
    •  Moon  Re-in statement proposal with new mandate (scope does not change)  @New PTL
    • Opportunity to seed the committers list directly, without a vote.
  • Request for other project reviews: Dovetail, SampleVNF, releng, yardstick, ovn4nvf, pharos, container4nfv, bottlenecks, clover, rocket, edgecloud,

The ones listed are active but have not volunteered for review. 

The listed projects will be targeted for archival/termination if reviews are not complete by end of June 2020.


Quick updates & email updates - discussion only if needed

  • CIRV needs to call PTL election.
  • Wiki was rebooted between 0700-0800 PDT to address performance issues noticed by many.

TSC JIRA Item Review

TSC-31 PM tasks Open
TSC-46 Plan/Manage OPNFV Plugfests Open
TSC-21 Roll-up of OPNFV sessions at ONS NA Open
TSC-43 Manage TSC meetings Open
TSC-44 Maintain OPNFV events calendar and associated tasks Open

Outstanding Action Items

  • Inform the Community that we need to collect April Virtual Meeting topics this week, before the Planning Meeting on Friday  
04 Apr 2020
OPNFV TSC Meeting 2020-03-31
  • What does OPNFV WANT from the next Release? Set date for discussion next week (Release Meeting time slot) David McBride

David McBrideOPNFV TSC Meeting 2020-03-31


  • Last week's minutes  approved
  • Quorum met
  • Ad Hoc Elections
    • Nominations closed
    • Scott and Jack have both been nominated and both accept
    • Condorcet vote will be sent out today
  • Annual Election Started
    • List of eligible candidates published
    • Please review and bring forth any possible candidates that do not meet the criteria
  • Virtual April Event
    • Cutoff date for schedule is  
    • Need to ensure we have a good schedule
    • Continue to look at CNTT Baldy release and track progress
    • TSC meeting will continue at usual time
  • OPNFV 2.0
    • Mission statement was presented to SPC
    • SPC will present to LFN for approval
    • This will be discussed at the LFN board meeting
    • Board does not need to vote, but given the strategic impact, board is being informed  
  • Review of overall process to respond to CNTT
    • Action item for Mark to email PTLs
    • Scott Steinbrueck volunteered to help break down what is not testable or too big to test, please reach out to him if there are questions
    • Qiao Fu could arrange for agenda time to discuss this on CIRV call
    • Mark Beierl will send out email about how to use the document (keep adding notes)
  • Review of Staffing Proposal
    • CNTT Field Trial plan added
    • Field Trial testing plan is the first step in CNTT adoption
  • Release Process Survey
    • Only 13 responses
    • OPNFV Documentation reorganisation as it is no longer scenario based
    • Need clarification about what CNTT documentation to include
    • Documentation discussion happens during the release meeting time slot (immediately after TSC)
  • Moon Reinstatement
    • PTL not present 
  • CIRV Update
    • New PTL elected, Liang Chen
    • New to community, please help support him

Action items

  •  Mark Beierl Email each PTL to review RI-1/RC-1Assessment and get comments, or at least a "I have reviewed this and our project does not have anything that matches this"  
  •  Mark Beierl Email CNTT to inform them of documentation review and ask for attendees to the meeting.


  • Test API is not owned or maintained by any project