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Non TSC Attendees

  • David McBride
  • Heather Kirksey
  • Ildiko Vansca
  • Maopeng Zhang
  • Parth Yahab
  • Hu Jie
  • Bartosz Gorski
  • Rihab Banday
  • Phil Robb

Agenda items

5 min

Meeting Logistics

5 min


15 min

TSC Role and Responsibilities

  • Review TSC Charter for clarification within the community
  • TSC/OPNFV project review - specifically how do we address CNTT engagement
    • Where do we track CNTT requirements (or test cases required) against what projects are fulfilling them?
    • Where do we have a master plan of outstanding work?  We want to encourage new participation, but if there is no overall project plan, how do new people know what they can work on?
    • Is this master plan a feed to the release process?  Do we have a goal to pick specific items and make them actionable for the next "release"?

Key Points in our Mandate:

  • TSC is responsible for Technical Oversight of OPNFV projects
  • TSC can form Sub-Committees and and Working Groups
  • TSC members make contributions in many ways, and eligibility requirements reflect many dimensions.
  • The TSC charter can be changed through proposal and agreement.
  • OPNFV's Release process is established by the TSC
10 min
  • CIRV Mandate Review

    • TSC feels the Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV) Home to review its mandate and believes that there is a disconnect between what the project started out doing and what it is currently doing.
    • TSC asks for formal project review within two weeks - by 
    • Does CIRV have a regular meeting within OPNFV?
Al MortonAction: send email request to opnfv-tech-discuss list
10 min

RI-2 workstream proposing a project in OPNFV. Next steps: proposal (link shown to the Left), open comment period. E-mail sent to OPNFV on   Consensus to create at meeting; Vote at TSC  Does everyone feel they have sufficient information to proceed with the vote??

Wiki Vote starts as soon as Project Proposal is complete (Today/this week).

Avoid overlap with R*-1, especially to establish our work in this area

10 min

OPNFV Release Process

  • Status up and any follow up discussion
    • Vote & Poll: TSC Approval of the 2020 Release Plan - Vote/Poll Link
    • Marketing messages process updates from last weeks discussion
    • Using Release meeting time slot to discuss the Release PROCESS - key stakeholders should join
    • Please join the OPNFV Release Process 2.0 Session (Joint with CNTT)

Issues we need to close:

  1. Can we move ahead with many non-integrated projects?
    1. Idea to release an integrated XX that is tied to CNTT
    2. Candidates: RI-2 Instantiation, VSPERF, Airship, Prox/SampleVNF, CIRV?? are Integrated, need to talk about others.
  2. Can TSC create the Requirements SC or WG?  (Charter says YES)
  3. Is OPNFV Releasing a Conformance Test Suite? (traceability to CNTT) 
  4. Is this Process for the JERMA Release? (yes)
  5. Are the Definitions of Integrated and Non-Integrated Projects Clear?
    1. Testing of the CNTT-selected RC Test Cases
    2. Integrated projects must pass Gating (s 17)
    3. Gates need to be established, install without errors, simple functional tests, success of more advanced features and automated with X-testing
  6. ToDo/Pre-requisites, include Integration TEST project (Morgan in ONAP), test what OPNFV delivers. OPNFV needs to Release and Support tests that are reliable.
    1. "Establish" items are the key steps for TSC: Requirements Vetting and Integration Test SCs

10 min

CNTT Engagement status updates

  • CNTT Future Mode of Operation - deadline is September, in time to make a recommendation to the Governance Board.
    • Discuss current status - CNTT team is trying to make progress on this by early June. CNTT FMO Meeting Minutes
    • Need Status and Feedback from GB meeting

Scot Steele to provide feedback from LFN GB meeting

10 min

CNTT Engagement  – Future Work Items

  • OPNFV 2.0 on hold during CNTT FMO discussion
  • No update on staffing proposal
  • Field test - Orange is doing test (is good)
  • RI/RC conformance - no update
  • CNTT Requirements - engagement based on test cases
  • CIRV mandate review - can drop?
    • Yes, there does not appear to be any interest in CIRV so we can remove this from the agenda.

2 min

OVP Engagement status update

  • Discuss current status - how is this impacting OPNFV?

2 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  • Projects:
    • ovn4nvf at future meeting
    • CIRV by  

10 min

Status Updates

5 min

Future Topics

  • Future Topic: new template for staffing task & requirement evaluation - similar to Intern projects Mark Beierl
  • Future Topic: Yardstick's future??  HA test cases.  Bottlenecks' Stress test spawns VMs till it breaks in OVP
  • Report: Summary of the June GB Meeting Cedric Ollivier

  • new template concept is on hold while release process is being discussed

Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionAssigneeAssigned DateNotes
  • Jim Baker - start offical vote for TSC chair nomination per the OPNFV charter





Meeting Logistics

  • Quorum reached
  • Cedric Ollivier requests LFN GB meeting readout
  • Minutes approved


  • TSC Chair election started, vote appears to end .  Please vote
  • David McBride reminds all that release process meeting is cancelled this week

TSC Role and Responsibilities

  • There is a lack of clarity between OPNFV TSC, CNTT, OVP, etc.
  • It is the responsibility of the OPNFV TSC to address this
  • It is recognized that there is a lack of clear direction here
  • Cedric Ollivier expresses concern that CNTT is selecting the test cases for RC
  • Reminder that we as a TSC has joint responsibility and also has ownership of the release process

CIRV Mandate Review

CNTT RI-2 project creation

  • Al Morton would like to propose vote on new project creation
  • Project name is proposed as Keel.
  • Frank Brockners suggested finalizing the project proposal and then start the vote
  • Al Morton will start the vote using offline voting and it will close during the  TSC meeting
  • Sridhar Rao asks why this is not part of CIRV?
    • Georg Kunz responds that it has a specific scope and should focus on the aspects that are K8s 
    • There can be cross collaboration, but needs time to discuss its own agenda

OPNFV Release Process

CNTT Engagement status updates

IRC meeting minutes -

Action items