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Non TSC Attendees

  • Add as needed

Agenda items

5 min

Meeting Admin

5 min


  • Fall Technical Event - Not the same week as ONES!
    • Start Oct 13 - 15th  with less time each day
    • Topic Submission Status - ZERO OPNFV topics submitted
      • Deadline:   
      • Coordination with CNTT on Joint Topics
    • Volunteers to represent OPNFV in event:
    • Lincoln Lavoie and Sridhar Rao will represent us
  • Volunteer(s) needed to run the OPNFV Weekly Technical Discussion meetings: ASAP - rotating chairs, see right-hand column

Sept - Sridhar Rao

Oct - Emma Foley

Nov -

Dec -

15 Min
  • Recording for the purpose of audio transcript only. 
    • Experiment on Sept 8
    • #agree Does the TSC agree to record TSC meetings and store the meeting recording for one week? (any changes resulting from replay examination will be edited in the Wiki page, and identified as such).

1 min
  • Docker image retention policy
    • Weekly Tech Discuss IRC minutes
    • The rate of Pulls may be the biggest problem,
    • inform TAC and LF IT to deal with this issue LFN-wide. -DONE
    • TAC Item now. Trevor Bramwell : Docker fee is small...

 Tech Discuss meeting

TAC Meeting Agenda

15 min

OPNFV Release Process

  • Status
    • Requirements Work Group using the Release meeting time
      • THIS WEEK we focus on Reference Implementation Requirements
      • determine the make-up of the JERMA Release
      • Need PTL Participation RI - projects
      • JIRA RelMan Issues for each project are published
      • Mapping Release Requirement into JIRA
      • Jerma M1 scheduled for Sept 22
    • Key conclusions so far, regarding JERMA and CNTT Baldy
      • Security requirements being revised (out of JERMA scope)
      • Functional tests will refer to CNTT RC-1 for requirements
      • Testing in other areas must reach past RC-1 to RA-1 in order to help CNTT stakeholders.
      • Several OPNFV projects may help using current resources this time 
    • Documentation: Jerma Requirements Working Group Assessment
    • Meeting Logistics

Partial list of issues discussed:

  1. Are the Definitions of Gates clear?
    1. Testing of the CNTT-selected RC Test Cases
    2.  projects must pass Gating (s 17)
    3. Gates need to be established, install without errors, simple functional tests, success of more advanced features and automated with X-testing
  2. Pre-requisites, include Integration TEST project (Morgan in ONAP), test what OPNFV delivers.
  3. OPNFV needs to Release and Support tests that are reliable.
    1. "Establish" items are the key steps for TSC: Requirements Vetting and Integration Test SCs

10 min

CNTT Engagement status updates

10 min
  • 2021 Budget
  • Marketing and HW buckets, CAPEX, LF Staffing
  • SLIDES !!  Like last year, increase or decrease, or just right!
  • #agree on modified "goldylocks" budget slide  
  • Detail Gathering complete (James Gu , others)
  • Some TAC reps proposing more detailed usage review
5 min

OVP Engagement status update

  •  recent status update

5 min

Gitlab Pilot

  • Review the pilot plans and timing
Trevor Bramwell
2 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  • Projects:
    • ovn4nfv at future meeting

Trevor Cooper Project code being used in Akraino and another project. PTL not responding. Some interest in moving the repo to Akraino

Start new review round at Virtual Technical Meetings, 10 minute talks:  sign-up now!


10 min

Status Updates

  • OPNFV Linux Foundation Lab (Portland) hardware upgrade status
  • LF IT/Infra update: (Aric GardnerTrevor Bramwell)

5 min

Future Topics

  • Future Topic: new template for staffing task & requirement evaluation - similar to Intern projects Mark Beierl
  • Future Topic: Yardstick's future??  HA test cases.  Bottlenecks' Stress test spawns VMs till it breaks in OVP

  • new template concept is on hold

Outstanding Action Items

  • Request Docker Image Retention Policy on the TAC Agenda




  • Start a new round of project reviews 

Start at Virtual Technical Meetings, 10 minute talks


  • Contact Srinivasa Addepallion getting a attendee to OPNFV TSC to discuss ovn4nfv status and possible move to Akraino
Trevor Cooper

IRC Meeting Minutes


  • Transcribe here with highlights from the Discussion Items

Action items