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Non TSC Attendees

  • Add as needed

Agenda items

5 min

Meeting Admin

As agreed on changes to the minutes may be executed on the Agenda wiki page, with the aid of audio and text transcript available for 1 week.

5 min

Announcements !

  • TBD

Weekly Technical Meeting Hosts:

Sept - Sridhar Rao Thanks!

Oct - Emma Foley Thanks!

Nov - Georg Kunz

Dec - Lincoln Lavoie

20 min


  • Status
  • Links
  • Mapping Release Requirements into JIRA
  • Jerma M2 scheduled for Oct 27
    • Functional freeze - Readiness Review - Closing high priority bugs
    • Preliminary Documentation Available
      • Document significant accomplishments - Defer to RC0 (?)
    • Release Management Tasks for M2 - means updating JIRA TICKETS!
  • Establish Integration Test Team
    • Members from Installer and Test Projects
    • Issues as of now
  • Self-Release projects, as described in the OPNFV JERMA Release process: 
    • What does the TSC expect of these projects?  
    • In the past, when projects did not participate in the OPNFV Release, their documentation was not included in the Release Artifacts.
  • Requirements "manifest" for the Release (what is included).
  • Meeting Logistics 

Partial list of issues discussed:

  1. Are the Definitions of Gates clear?
    1. Testing of the CNTT-selected RC Test Cases
    2.  projects must pass Gating (s 17)
    3. Gates need to be established, install without errors, simple functional tests, success of more advanced features and automated with X-testing
  2. Pre-requisites, include Integration TEST project (Morgan in ONAP), test what OPNFV delivers.
  3. OPNFV needs to Release and Support tests that are reliable.
    1. "Establish" items are the key steps for TSC: Requirements Vetting and Integration Test SCs
  4. Documentation: Jerma Requirements Working Group Assessment


  • Sophia - Plan for Documentation of Jerma Release
    • Volunteers Needed to review and update Documentation Templates for JERMA - 2 or 3 people needed.

1 min

GB Meeting on Oct 21:

  • Any feedback to share?

Note: Al Morton & Mark Beierl could not attend the project review as scheduled.

10 min

Anuket Announcement and Brainstorming Project Highlights for OPNFV level input to Marketing

  • Discussion of content (for publication in various forms) to provide to Marketing with key OPNFV-level highlights in 3Q and 4Q

5 min

CNTT Engagement status updates

Marketing wiki for properties of melded organization:

5 min

OVP Engagement status update

  •  recent status update

10 min

Gitlab Pilot

  • Weekly place holder update  - Need direction. 
    • What is the output from investigations, that can help us make a decision for/in 2021?
      • Built-in Security Scanning of project code, are we interested?
      • Mark will enroll in evaluation program
      • Reminder that LF staff will help with script migrations
      • What to do about "old" patches?
    • Kuberef talk at Technical event
    • Gitlab wants to support us, wants the transition to be successful.
    • Gitlab wants to end with a joint blog on the process => engage marketing.

Notes from StorPerf migration: GitLab and StorPerf

Evaluation tracker:

0 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  • SampleVNF Reorganizing:  Future Review!

5 min

Status Updates

  • OPNFV Linux Foundation Lab (Portland) hardware upgrade status
  • LF IT/Infra update: (Aric GardnerTrevor Bramwell)

Future Topics

  • Future Topic: new template for staffing task & requirement evaluation - similar to Intern projects Mark Beierl
  • Bottlenecks' Stress test spawns VMs till it breaks in OVP
  • What to do with GitLab feedback?

  • new template concept is on hold

Outstanding Action Items

  • none

IRC Meeting Minutes


Meeting Admin

  • Quorum reached
  • Minutes approved

Jerma Release

  • VSPERF needs options for OpenStack installation
    • Airship has had some issues with the pods
    • Georg Kunz mentioned MicroStack from the OIS keynote
    • Mark Beierl volunteers to help if anyone wants to trial MicroStack
  • Al Morton calls for #agree to M2 with some documentation waivers
  • No objections

GitLab Update

  • Mark Beierl reached out to Nuritzi and confirmed the issue tracker is a good place to even ask questions if we are unsure about things
  • "What to do with GitLab Feedback" - topic for  weekly tech call with Georg Kunzas host

Thanks Mark Beierl for the notes!

Action items

  • Al Mortoncontact AIRSHIP hierarchy for LasS related info/template.