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Non TSC Attendees

  • Add as needed

Agenda items

5 min

Meeting Admin

As agreed on changes to the minutes may be executed on the Agenda wiki page, with the aid of audio and text transcript available for 1 week.

5 min

Announcements !

  • Interim TSC Election
  • NEXT vDev and Test Event Feb 1-4, 2021 (no conflicts identified at TAC level)

Weekly Technical Meeting Hosts:

Sept - Sridhar Rao Thanks!

Oct - Emma Foley Thanks!

Nov - Georg Kunz

Dec - Lincoln Lavoie

MEC and NFV Plugtest:

20 min


  • Status
  • Monday Tech Discuss on Anuket Release Artifacts
    • Portrayal of Reference Implementation (discussion):
    • Full RI comes AFTER Meld is complete? See artifact discussion
    • Discussion Notes (with OPNFV-JERMA, CNTT, and Anuket - related discussions)
  • How do we characterize the JERMA Release Test Suite?
    • OPNFV provides the building-blocks (tests) for CNTT's RC.
      • Repeatable, consumable, stable.
      • Hand-off OPNFV-JERMA to RC activities and OVP badging (not the same)
      • Main goal OPNFV-JERMA is to work-out Release processes and Release testing, then hand-off to others.
    • More specifically, is JERMA an RC Tech Preview? Prototype? Beta? Experimental?
    • JERMA is the most comprehensive set of tests aligned to the CNTT RA-1 and RC-1. 
    • CNTT determines the definition of Compliance (test cases in RC).

  • How do we evaluate Individual Projects w.r.t. OPNFV-JERMA release?
    • For the individual project: self-defined tests are sufficient for RC0/1 gate
      • There is a Release test plan for every project that is part of OPNFV-JERMA Release
  • How do evaluate AIRSHIP delivery w.r.t. CNTT RI ??
    • How is AIRSHIP Project Gated/evaluated as part of the JERMA Release? 
    • For the individual project: self-defined tests are sufficient for RC0/1 gate
      • There is a Release test plan for every project that is part of OPNFV-JERMA Release
      • AIRSHIP's Test Plan
    • A further AIRSHIP Release Gate: Requires RC-conformance tests? Or CNTT RI tests?
    • Or, Is the JERMA Release of AIRSHIP self-gating?
    • Or, is No RI delivered in JERMA - RI not defined - AIRSHIP is an RI Technical Preview only.
  • For Reference Compliance (RC) Test Projects (Integration projects)
    • Proposed Gates: install without errors, simple functional tests, success of more advanced features and automated with X-testing
    • Documentation (for third-party users of RD testing)
    • RC test suite is a technical preview of CNTT RC-1 (question)
    • Does the TSC agree that JERMA is a release of OPNFV projects which can be consumed to form the BALDY RC and/or RI?
      • or do we mean to say that OPNFV JERMA IS The RC and the RI ??
    • NEED to follow OPNFV-JERMA Release with RC-1 Baldy Update, add the new tests in the 'how to run the additional RC-1 doc' cookbook (IOW, Baldy RC-1 point release is THE definition of RC for RC-1).
  • Links
  • Mapping Release Requirements into JIRA
  • Jerma Release Candidate RC0 scheduled for Nov 17
    • Release Management task compliance ~ 61%
      • Waiting on Doctor, Airship, Barometer
    • Release Management Tasks for Release Candidate 0
      • Making sure code is ready for Integration testing
        • Close any new High priority bugs
        • Completion of the testing in the test plan cited in the Project release plan (previous documentation)
        • CIRV, AIRSHIP, VSPERF, SampleVNF: contribution to Infrastructure and Integration testing.
      • Gate for RC Tests: Tests in the suite to be deployed automatically, Run to Completion, and produce results
      • Gate for Reference Infrastructure (AIRSHIP and or Kuberef): ? TBD
      • Documentation: for ALL projects, including Self-Release projects
  • Establish Integration Test Team
    • Members from Installer and Test Projects
    • Issues as of now
  • Self-Release projects, as described in the OPNFV JERMA Release process: 
    • What does the TSC expect of these projects?  
    • In the past, when projects did not participate in the OPNFV Release, their documentation was not included in the Release Artifacts.
  • Requirements "manifest" for the Release (what is included).
  • Meeting Logistics 

Partial list of issues discussed:

  1. Are the Definitions of Gates clear?
    1. Testing of the CNTT-selected RC Test Cases
    2.  projects must pass Gating (s 17)
    3. Gates need to be established, install without errors, simple functional tests, success of more advanced features and automated with X-testing
  2. Pre-requisites, include Integration TEST project (Morgan in ONAP), test what OPNFV delivers.
  3. OPNFV needs to Release and Support tests that are reliable.
    1. "Establish" items are the key steps for TSC: Requirements Vetting and Integration Test SCs
  4. Documentation: Jerma Requirements Working Group Assessment



  • Sophia - Plan for Documentation of Jerma Release
    • Volunteers Needed to review and update Documentation Templates for JERMA - 2 or 3 people needed.  - No longer needed ???

20 min

MELD Topics and status updates

Marketing wiki for properties of melded organization:

5 min

OVP Engagement status update

  •  recent status update

10 min

Gitlab Pilot

  • Weekly place holder update
    • Highlights from Georg Kunz 's Kuberef talk at Technical event

Notes from StorPerf migration: GitLab and StorPerf

Evaluation tracker:

0 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  • SampleVNF Reorganizing:  Future Review!

5 min

Status Updates

  • OPNFV Linux Foundation Lab (Portland) hardware upgrade status
  • LF IT/Infra update: (Aric GardnerTrevor Bramwell)

Future Topics

  • Future Topic: upcoming ETSI NFV&MEC Plugtest ~Feb 2021

  • new template concept is on hold

Outstanding Action Items

  • none

IRC Meeting Minutes


Meeting Admin

  • Quorum reached
  • Minutes approved


OPNFV Jerma Release

  • Agreed: OPNFV accepts/approves JERMA RC-0, with exception for AIRSHIP

GitLab Pilot

  • Mark Beierl suggests this is about more than just a technology change.  There should be time and effort reduction with moving to hosted.  Requests that we could get clarity from LFN / Trevor Bramwell?

Action items