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Releng Project Meetings


  • IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting
  • Chaired by Infra Project PTLs
  • See Infra WG Meeting for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes

Agenda of Next Meeting

Agenda: Please check Infra WG Agenda

Past Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Team meeting August 31, 2015, 14:00 UTC


  • LF Lab reconfiguration status
  • Releng Backlog, Stories collected under 4 Epics.
    • Automation and Development of Test Result Reporting/Dashboard/Analytics
    • Improvements in Automation/Toolchain/CI
    • Automation for Pharos Lab Infrastructure
    • Release Process Support
  • AoB


  • LF Lab reconfiguration
    • The work has partly been partly completed. POD2 is now shared between foreman and fuel installers.
    • Claiming servers from POD1 is still pending since a new switch needs to be acquired. Aric raised this to TSC and got the funding.
    • Work with POD1 will/can start after September 13.
  • Releng B-Release work
    • Several stories have been progressing well: Lab reconfiguration, document generation, result reporting API.

See the full meeting minutes on IRC for the details:
Minutes (html) (text) (Log)

Team meeting August 24, 2015, 14:00 UTC

No meeting was held due to internet issues.

Monday, August 17, 2015, 14:00 UTC



  • LF Lab Reconfiguration Status
    • Work with Fuel is still ongoing in order to run it on LF POD2.
  • Brahmaputra Support
    • High level planning is done on Etherpad.
    • Collecting feedback.
    • The backlog will be created based on the discussions.

See the full meeting minutes on IRC for the details:
Minutes (html) (text) (Log)


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