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  • Reminder to update JIRA
  • Review project status

Discussion items

5 minRoll CallMark Beierl

Project housekeeping reminder for JIRA

5 minInfra updatesMark Beierl

Docker build issues, new Apex installation, DevStack on node 1

15 minReporting project updatesSaksham AgrawalRemoving plotly and replacing with an alternative to make it more flexible
15 minARM udpates Taseer Ahmed has access to a Cavium ARM system. 

Action items

  • Saksham Agrawal report back on graphing library alternatives
  • Taseer Ahmed look into way of using same dockerfile for ARM builds.  Possibly using variable in the FROM line to specify the architecture?
  • Mark Beierl generate test data from both testresults db and local storperf run and check that into the storperf-reporting module under static/testdata/
  • Mark Beierl create a mock up "table of contents" page for the reporting - the page after the results have been fetched

Note: everyone should sign up for the opnfv-tech-discuss mailing list:

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  1. Till all the research i have done on this topic, Plotly is the best option for me right now, if i need to change to another graphing library it will be Chart.js