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Discussion items

  • Wrap up of intern projects:
  • Reporting module:
    • Ready to start review of reporting page
    • Documentation from Intern Project: StorPerf Steady State Report - 2016-06-16 Demo will be converted to .rst
    • .rst patches end up getting posted a final markup by Jenkins in the review
    • Stretch goal of having a single plot that shows all latencies in a single graph: 6 graphs: read IOPS, read BW, read latency, write IOPS, write BW, write latency.  Graphs show up in the area to the right of the ID, Start Date, etc.
    • Mark Beierl to fix up local-data.json so it has the new start_date, etc tags and commit.
    • Saksham Agrawal to update navigation to show "intermediate" page even if there is only one result.
  • Decomposition update:
    • Minor errors:
      • httpfrontend routes all graphite, so 8000 is no longer exposed
      • Mark Beierl look at carbon_emitter - might still have localhost in it
      • does not have env_file: ./admin.rc in it.  Might need some other updates
      • update docs to say that python 2 needs internals (future package) or requires python 3
      • Mark Beierl had to put back ARCH=x86-64 in all docker files so that the docker push jobs can pass.  The global releng/jjb/releng/ does not pass this ARG, and doing so will require all projects to add that VAR, so defer to after Euphrates
    • Mark Beierl to look at using docker hub published images in instead of local docker-compose to avoid the AUFS kernel issue
    • Mark Beierl to check with Sofia Wallin about how to build .rst locally.
  • Development documentation:
  • Carbon sizing guidelines:
    • for each IP / VM what is the minimum size of the carbon files on disk?
    • When do they get bigger (ie. how many samples before it grows beyond its initial size)?
  • is stable branch creation date, after that master is open for the F release.
    • Ideas: Swift profiling?  HTTP PUT/GET looking for variance during the whole transaction
    • Multi stack support? storperf_master uses job db (sqllite) for storing values.  Is this even necessary?
    • Support bottlenecks intern project: Intern Project: Scaling up/out VNFs with Storage Testing