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  • Review demos and completion of Intern Projects

Discussion items

5 MinRoll Call, introductionsMark Beierl 
15-25 MinContainer decomposition demoShrenik Jain 
15-25 MinReporting module demoSaksham Agrawal 
 Carbon sizingShrenik Jain 
5 MinUpdate on ARM buildsMark Beierl
 Any other updates?All 
  • F release planning is here: F Release Planning
  • Branch created
  • Master is open for F release on
  • Any bug fixes for Euphrates must go on to master and be cherry picked into stable/euphrates
  • Shrenik Jain unable to connect for showing demo today
  • Release notes:
    • Formatting changed to official .RST guidelines (
    • Tag format will be changed "x86_64-euphrates.1.0", and hopefully "aarch64-euphrates.1.0"
    • Release notes are not linked with the rest of the documentation.  Why?
  • Mark Beierl to call demo meeting via Google Hangouts for 
  • Saksham was able to complete docs and submitted patch
  • Saksham Agrawal will post review after docs patch gets merged
  • Concern for graph overview patch is that it is cluttered: "but my concern with that is the graphs are clustered for some of the jobs
    (10:27:21 AM) Apart from that I think all the deliverables have been met :)"
  • ARM pod uses the new FUEL master
  • ARM builds take up to 30-45 minutes to complete, but subsequent builds can use the cache if the step has not changes and typically can complete in ~1 minute


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