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Click for anchor link Does the TSC Approve Re-Activation of the Moon Project? This vote macro is locked

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Vote TextDoes the TSC Approve Re-Activation of the Moon Project?


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Moon Project Proposal

 Moon project reopening proposal

Additional Information –  Modified Project Creation review:

  • Proposal posted for two weeks:
    • Name of the project is appropriate (no trademark issues etc.); Proposed repository name is all lower-case without any special characters
    • Project contact name and email
    • Description is complete
    • Scope and project plan is well defined:  Moon project reopening proposal
    • Reference of an existing NFV requirement or clear identification of a new requirement
    • Resources committed
    • Contributors identified
    • Initial list of committer identified (elected/proposed by initial contributors)
    • Confirmed – Not needed!!  Meets BoD policy (IPR)
    • Proposal has been socialized with potentially interested or affected projects and/or parties  at Weekly Tech Discussion
    • In the case where a project will require changes in other projects, those projects are listed in the proposal, and a sponsoring developer in the project has been identified
    • Proposal email to TSC mailing list
  • Review by TSC: Confirm that the proposal is complete and the above listed requirements are met.
  • Simple majority approval by voting TSC members


  1. There is one issue, the OPNFV project repo needs to be re-opened, so that contributors from OPNFV can join, etc.

  2. Hello, does someone know when the repository will be re-opened ? Do I have something to do for that ?