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This page is intended to develop new governance for TSC proxies.  Once the TSC agrees on the language, then the tentative plan is to insert the documentation into the TSC procedures document.  This issue is documented in  TSC-18 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This Version Approved by the TSC on January 21, 2020.

Section 5. TSC Member Proxy.

TSC members should make an effort to attend all TSC meetings and related activities.  However, it may be necessary for a TSC member to miss one or more meetings due to illness or other unavoidable personal or professional commitments.  The purpose of this section is to provide guidance to the community for the use of proxies. This policy is in-force from the date of approval, and not retroactive on current proxies.

Proxy Eligibility

Active contributor

In order to maintain the objective that the TSC should consist of active contributors, a proxy must be an active contributor, as identified in the last annual community election.  An exception may be made if approved by the TSC.

TSC member status

A proxy may only be designated by an active TSC member.  Also, a proxy is only valid as long as the TSC member that appointed the proxy remains on the TSC. In addition, proxies may not designate another proxy.

TSC member as proxy

A TSC member may not be a proxy for another TSC member, unless approved by the TSC (by vote or #agree).

Concurrent proxy

A proxy for one TSC member may not also serve as the proxy for another TSC member, concurrently.


A TSC member must notify the TSC of a proxy designation by sending email to the TSC mailing list, or by announcing a proxy in a regular TSC meeting and having the designation recorded in the minutes.  A proxy may not "self-announce".  That is, attend the TSC meeting and announce that they are the proxy for a TSC member, with no previous notification from the TSC member.


in general, a proxy should not serve for more than 6 consecutive meetings, unless approved by the TSC.  In addition, a TSC member may not designate a proxy for more than 25% of the meetings in a TSC term (typ 1 year), unless approved by the TSC.  If a TSC member anticipates being unavailable for longer than that, then they should offer to step down.  An exception may be made by approval of the TSC.

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