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Test for MOVIE:

T1. MOVIE API test: Generate script to test the MOVIE related ONOS NBI. We will send REST like requests including NEMO language snippet to ONOS controller. And check the response.

T1.0001 NeMo Models test:

This test will be a common test for both through ODL and ONOS to verify that  MOVIE Models are accessible through Restful calls to controller(s)

The flow sequence will be

For onos (connect to onos and use existing test codes to build a-f using Onos test case in Functest  - Refer to link under Test Cases in there)

For odl (connect to odl and use existing test codes for NeMo to build a-f

#flow of NeMO Models test for both ODL and onos


a.Connect to Controller and setup test - Pass/Fail


project+_name = "move"

case_name = "T1.0001"

test_descfription = "NeMo Modeling Test"

if  GET /api/v1/projects/{project_name}  = "movie" does not exists Create a project named movie

#POST /api/v1/projects ("movie")

if GET /api/v1/projects/ ({project_name}, {case_name}  )  (which should include b,c,d)

b. Create Node node1 & node2 - Pass/Fail

c. Crate a Link between node1 and node2 - Pass/Fail

d. Create a flow over link1 over node1-node2 - Pass/fail

Having known Pass or Fail now Disconnect and return result  Pass/Fail

e. Disconnect Controller and return result  Pass/Fail

f. Delete the test setup and release all resources and announce Pass/Fail

In lieu of unavailability of ONOS I/J release the following tests below will be added later if needed.

Most of them are covered at basic level in T1.0001 and for now we will use this to meet M6 timeline.


T1.1001 Model definition command test

T1.2001 User registration command test

T1.3001 information acquisition: Query Synchronous mode test

T1.4001 Node creation command test

T1.5001 Connection creation command test


T2.0001 Use Case test: Generate script to test the SFC function by using MOVIE related ONOS NBI.

T2.1001 Call OpenStack API to generate the VMs and virtual networks as the base for MOVIE test.

T2.2001 Call MOVIE related ONOS NBI to setup VM groups and service chains.

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