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C Release Planning

From multisite use cases we have defined, for Brahmaputra Release we delivered the solution for use case 1 by one bugfix in the OpenStack Liberty. In Release C, we hope to cover the following items

  • Integration support from at least one of the installers for use case 2 and 3, which are merged into OpenStack Mitaka, and for use case 4 -5 which will need integration work of Tricircle and Kingbird project.
  • Setup multi region testing environment with yardstick team to have Multisite scenarios tested.
  • Gap analysis with IPv6 project on IPv6 w/ Multisite
  • Further discussion on possible additional solutions for geo-redundancy use case.

Depending on resource availability, detailed plan and deliverables will be defined by Milestone 2 (April 8).


  • Dependency identification (other porjects ):
    • OPNFV:
    • Lab preparation:
    • Huawei Lab, two blades, no ticket needed, and waiting for access info.
    • Functest
    • Installer: Fuel, Compass4NFV
    • Ticket in Compass4NFV: 
    • Ticket in Fuel: 
    • IPv6, multisite enviroment work for both multisite and IPv6 projects
    • OpenStack:
    • Mitaka release: Nova, Cinder, Neutron, Glance, KeyStone,
  • Jun. 1, Kingbird development in Release C
  • Nova quota items
  • Cinder quota items
  • Neutron quota items
  • If the version follow Mitaka is 0.1.0, we may have one more release 0.2.0 in trunk branch, in order to include more basic functionalities in the preview release C
  • After 0.1.0 continue feature development on master branch. Make a new tag when applicable. In OPNFV use package based installation of Kingbird (e.g. pip). If a new KB version is available, use it in OPNFV.
  • Jul.15, Release C Integration
  • Apr.20, Lab preparation
  • Get access to Intel LAB where we have two ready nodes.
  • Look for a permanent testbed (Huawei Lab, Ericsson Lab, any lab!) 
  • Consider a possibility to share a testbed with IPv6
  • Apr.20, Kingbird Release preparation
  • Finalize work in KB for the first mile-stone with OpenStack mitaka
  • Integrate the kingbird tempest tests with OPNFV tempest suite (be it Functest or any other way)
  • Release work for mitaka (including tagging)
  • Jul.15, Kingbird integration into C release for preview,  two integration steps
  • Jun.1. Step 1, using Mitaka 0.1.0 for integration
  • Jun.1, Installer integration(including configuration)
  • Fuel
  • Compass4NFV
  • Jun.15, Functest integration (Function test run after installation)
  • Jul.15, [Optional] Step 2, If a newer release of Kingbird is available replace Mitaka 0.1.0 to the new version for integration
  • Jul.15, Documentation
  • Jul.15 as the MS2 (feature freeze date), feature freeze be done before summer vacation. 
  • Tricircle integration into C release for preview(optional, if want to do, follow Kingbird plan)
  • Installer integration(including configuration)
  • Compass4NFV
  • Functest integration (Function test run after installation) 
  • Documentation
  • user guide
  • configuration guide
  • Use case 1: Fernet Token to support distributed KeyStone, already in Liberty and OPNFV release B, could be verify in basic multisite environment installation
  • Use case 2: L2 networking BP was suggested to be moved to Networking-L2GW, code/BP is not finished in Mitaka, so will not be included into release C
  • Use case 3: Nova quiece/unquiece was not merged into Mitaka for passing the time window. Will be merged in Newton, so only be ready in next OPNFV D release. Cinder volume replication is halted for volume replication V2.1 refactory, and current only support storage backend whole level replication, not support volume level replication yet.
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