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MS03/30Intent to participateSend mail for intention to participate. Done
 4/14Demo Environment Preparation
MS14/24Planning complete
  • complete tricircle integration planning, including scenario or deliverable definition.
  • complete OPNFV summit Demo environment design
MS24/30Installer integration with OpenStack
  • Complete Tricircle Installation by Compass.
  • OPNFV Summit Environment Ready
MS35/22Test plan shared with the test team

Each feature project team will complete a test plan, describing the test cases that they intend to use to validate their project, including pass/fail criteria, and will share this plan with the test working group and other team members and solicit feedback.

Testing Tricircle integration

 5/30applications on boardingStarts from 5/2, vIMS and Video Conference on boarding in OPNFV Beijing summit environment
MS46/5Infrastructure updates completed
  • Test frameworks ready
  • Installers passing smoke tests on CI with OpenStack version planned for the release.
  • Two regions functest environment with Tricircle installed
  • Basic multi-region test cases.
 6/12~6/15OPNFV Beijing Summit

From 6/1~6/12 Preparation for Beijing PoC if on-site needed:

Demo of VNF high availability across OpenStack clouds

  1. vIMS
  2. Video Conference
MS57/21Scenario integration and Feature Freeze
  • Features planned for the release have been implemented
  • The project has been integrated with one or more scenarios, each of which is represented by an active Jenkins job that is enabled in OPNFV CI.
MS68/11Test Cases and Preliminary Documentation Completed
  • All test cases necessary for the release are executable by CI.
    • Test steps and pass/fail criteria are well defined
    • Test cases coded and configured in test framework
    • Test cases integrated and successfully running as part of CI
  • Documentation outlines or placeholders committed to repo for all project and scenario documentation
  • Stable branch window is open for projects that have satisfied MS0 - MS6
MS79/1Stable branch window closed
  • Projects are branched from main
  • Commits are limited to critical issues documented in JIRA
  • Commits must be cherry-picked to branch from master
MS89/18Formal test execution completed
  • All test cases planned for the release have been executed
  • Test results published
  • Failures and other issues have been documented in JIRA
MS99/20JIRA issues assigned to the release closed or deferredAll JIRA issues assigned to the current release are:
  • Closed --OR--
  • Deferred to a future release (i.e. update to "fix-version" field)
MS109/22Documentation completedAll project and scenario documentation committed to repo.
MS11, MS12, MS139/25ReleaseProjects tagged by PTLs using tagging procedure.
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