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OPNFV Summit Berlin

We will have a working session at the OPNFV summit in Berlin. Please see the corresponding planning page for information on the meeting room and time.


  • Project roadmap
    • Requirements documentation for C release
    • Plans for D release
  • Prototyping
  • Joint work on use cases

Meeting minutes:

OpenStack Summit Austin

Joint Gluon PoC and NetReady project meeting

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  1. My notes from the meeting:

    Scope of netready

    There are gaps existing in neutron to fulfill NFV requirements.

    The target of this project is to structure these discussions.

    1. We need to figure out what are the NFV requirements.

      1. We are collecting use cases in etherpad

      2. These should go to an etherpad

      3. We should focus on the use cases not the existing features of OpenStack and neutron

    2. Gap analiys

      1. Where are the gaps

    3. Design and implementation

      1. Talk to neuton guys about the gaps

      2. Gluon is potentially part of the solution. We are not tight only to this one.

    We soon need to start engaging with OpenStack community.

    We are looking for an extension to the existing OpenStack components.

    In OpenStack the product management team wishes to prioritize the NFV requirements.

    OpenStack product management is waiting for features to implement. There is no specific timeline defined.


    Use cases


    • Association of port and L3VPN will be implemented in the next iteration of Gluon

    • Add to the requirements document what is in the repo now. Bin from AT&T will do it


    • We could not get more information on this.

    • Implementation approach: Not SH based. We prefer the BGP VPN based one.

    • Having an use case from the end users perspective would be useful

    Shared service functions

    • It should enable VM-s to attach to multiple services at the same time

    • We need the logical separation of the vNIC and the interfaces to where the services are connected and we shall be able to make an association between these two.

    • Implementation effort highly depends how broad requirements do we set.

    • Georg will put this to the requirements document.

    • Maybe we would like to have different classes of services.

    • Trunk VLANS are on implementation alternative / incarnation of this.


    • multisite project is not looking into this. Only OpenStack Regions are considered.

    • Gerg0 to add this to the requirements document.

    High available networking solution

    • Gerg0 shall ask with HA project which project is responsible for this

    • Maybe this is not in the scope of the project

    • There is a difference between cloud HA and cloud HA

      • With netready we are defining the cloud HA

    Automatic provisioning

    • Delegate the control of a set of VLANS to a tenant

    • This can be generalized to MPLS, VXLAN and VLAN cloud edge crossing cases

    • Gerg0 to add this to the requirements

    Note: I had to leave the meeting after this topic.