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This page describes how to manually install Gluon on an Apex-based OPNFV Danube deployment.

  • Deploy os-odl_l2-bgpvpn-(no)ha scenario

  • Download and install dependencies


sudo yum localinstall python-click-6.3-1.el7.noarch.rpm

  • Start etdc service on controller node

sudo systemctl start etcd

  • Download a nightly build of the installable Gluon RPM from the artifact space and install it

sudo yum localinstall gluon-0.0.1-1_BUILD_DATE.noarch.rpm

  • Modify neutron.conf to point to Gluon core plugin instead of Neutron ML2 plugin
# Edit /etc/neutron/neutron.conf. Change the core_plugin:

#core_plugin = ml2

core_plugin = gluon.plugin.core.GluonPlugin
  • NOTE: this step is most likely not necessary, but documented here for debugging purposes. Deactivate ODL ML2 mechanism driver

# Edit /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini. Change the mechanism_driver as follows:

mechanism_drivers =

# mechanism_drivers = opendaylight

  • Restart neutron-server to activate the new plugin configuration

sudo systemctl restart neutron-server

  • Create Gluon dummy objects in Neutron:
# Source the openrc file for the admin user (depends on your system)
# Create the Gluon Network:
neutron net-create --shared --provider:network_type vxlan GluonNetwork

# Create the GluonSubnet:
neutron subnet-create --name GluonSubnet --no-gateway --disable-dhcp GluonNetwork
  • Restart neutron-server to let it register itself with Gluon:
sudo systemctl restart neutron-server
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